Go Deeper Curators' Choice—Week of July 21

Curators’ Choice—Week of July 21

Posted July 23rd, 2020

We sure do miss you! While we are apart, our Artistic Producers, Zach Blackwood and Katy Dammers, will prep a new list each week to keep your ears and eyes full until we can be together again…

In Case You Missed It

Kaash (If) | Akram Khan | Fringe Festival 2003  Kaash, Akram Khan’s first full-length work, was featured in the 2003 Fringe Festival and follows the dancer/choreographer’s signature mix of Kathak, a North Indian classical form of dance, and contemporary dance. At times chaotic and others meditative, the piece explores the subject of the universe through theoretical physical principles and Hindu theology. 

Sound Unbound | DJ Spooky | Fringe Festival 2006  Taking inspiration from his book of the same name, Paul D. Miller aka DJ Spokey creates a “rip-mix-burn-lecture,” using historic texts and rare audio recordings and films, to demonstrate the complex relationship between text and art in a multimedia context. The renowned composer, turntablist, multimedia artist, and writer explores the theme of sound in contemporary art, digital media, and composition. 

Drought and Rain | Company Ea Sola | Fringe Festival 2007  French-Vietnamese choreographer Ea Sola grew up in Southern Vietnam during the Second Indochina War and has devoted much of her career to exploring the history and culture of her native country through dance. In Drought and Rain, the acclaimed artist works alongside a cast of non-professional dancers between the ages of 70 and 85, all of whom hail from the delta of North Vietnam. Together, they explore topics of cultural memory and the human cost of war. 

Where (we) Live | Sō Percussion | Fringe Festival 2013   The Brooklyn-based quartet, Sō Percussion, describes their 2013 Fringe Festival piece, Where (we) Live, as “a freeform investigation of the placesand states of mind—we call home.” Featuring an array of traditional as well as invented musical instruments, the piece incorporates video, guitar work, and more and has spawned a companion album of the same name.

We 💙 our Alumni

Decameron Row | Various Artists  Inspired by The Decameron, Giovanni Boccaccio‘s 14th Century story of ten young people who tell 100 tales told over 10 days to stave off the loneliness of living in quarantine due to the Black Plague, Decameron Row brings artists from around the world together for a unique community project. 100 artists, including FringeArts alumni Christeene, Annie-B Parson, Geoff Sobelle, and Natalie Palamides, who each share a one-minute long video telling their story of isolation during these challenging times. 

Stream Here

Wake Up Call for Inclusion in Circus: Institutional Barriers and Individual Biases in the Performing Arts for Women of Color | Circus Talk  One of the circus community’s leading online professional networking and news outlets, Circus Talk has introduced a series of panel discussions about systematic obstacles people of color face in the performing arts. In the latest discussion, panelists explore how women of color in the performing arts, specifically in the circus industry, experience life at the intersection of race and gender. 

Dancing Dialogues: Realized Cultural Resonance | Joyce Theater Foundation  New York’s Joyce Theater has been dedicated to cultivating and honoring emerging and established dance artists for the last 30+ years. In their new online discussion series, Dancing Diaries, panelists discuss their experiences, cultures, and viewpoints as they are realized within their contemporary work.

Ziwe Fumudoh’s Instagram Live Show (Thursdays at 8 pm) | Ziwe Fumudoh  As a writer on Desus & Mero and host of her own YouTube show Bated, Ziwe Fumudoh regularly tackles race and politics in her comedy. Every week watch the comedian probe controversial newsmakers such as Slave Play’s author Jeremy O. Harris and cookbook writer Alison Roman on Instagram Live at 8 pm.

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