Go Deeper Digital Toolkit: The Making of BOY PROJECT

Digital Toolkit: The Making of BOY PROJECT

Posted August 27th, 2020

In an ordinary non-pandemic Fringe Festival season, FringeArts would be reaching out to audiences and encouraging them to come to contextual programming for all of the Curated performances at our Fringe Festival Bookstore. Last year, in the 2019 Fringe Festival, our bookstore was a partnership with Head House Books and sited at Cherry Street Pier. We put up installations, brought folks together for artist talks, and filled the small pop-up bookstore with sources our artists found particularly inspirational to the creation of their pieces.

For obvious reasons, we’re unable to do that this year. But we didn’t want to keep audiences from the opportunity of digging deeper into the intriguing contextual source material and inspiration our artists used as they created and pivoted their pieces from live works to online or socially distant performances.

On most show pages, under the Contextual Programming tab, you will find links to blog posts like this that include artist-curated sources you can download, watch, listen to, or buy to deepen your understanding of the show’s themes. Browse at your leisure, and make sure to tag @FringeArts on social media with your thoughts!

The Making of BOY PROJECT – Digital Toolkit


Opinion: Enough Leaning In. Let’s Tell Men to Lean Out by Dr. Ruth Whippman from the New York Times


Opinion: The Boys Are Not Alright by Michael Ian Black from the New York Times


Boys and Sex by Peggy Orenstein


The Miseducation of the American Boy by Peggy Orenstein for The Atlantic



Brett Kavanaugh testifies in front of Senate Judiciary Committee



Nell Bang-Jensen and Samiha Hadeed-Moore for FringeArts podcast Happy Hour on the Fringe