FringeArts presents world-class, contemporary performing arts that challenge convention and inspire new ways of thinking.

In light of the ongoing COVID-19 crisis, we will not be having spring and summer programming advertising available. Our September Fringe Festival Guide rates are significantly reduced this year, understanding that many of our advertising partners are artists, arts organizations, and hospitality organizations affected by the pandemic.

Support our mission, and reach an audience who is enthusiastic, loyal, young (56% are under 50), well-educated, and culturally-engaged. Align your brand with some of the most daring, bold, and imaginative artists from Philadelphia and around the world.

We offer a variety of opportunities year-round for advertising. Our 2020 Advertising Package is available here, and you can reserve your space online. If you don’t see the right option for you or if you have any questions please email

FringeArts App

The FringeArts app is our newest advertising opportunity! Advertisers who purchase space in our print materials are automatically included in our app. However, we are now offering app-only advertising purchases. Launched in 2018, the app has had over 1,800 active app users, with an average of 12 screens per session and an average session time of 5 minutes during the 2019 Fringe Festival. Digital ad banners received over 142k views in 2019 and over 94k views in September alone.

2020 Fringe Festival Guide

Over the past 24 years, the Fringe Festival has grown into one of the largest cultural events in Philadelphia, drawing over 30,000 avid artists and arts-goers to events across the city in September. With over 1,000 performances and events, our Festival Guide is the #1 resource audiences use to plan their schedule, with an average of about 5 shows per patron.

The Fringe Festival Guide is an 8” x 10” full CMYK color, 120 page stitched booklet. We print 30,000 copies in September with 15k direct mailed and 15k distributed around the city between August through September. Advertisers will receive a listing on our website and social media promotion during the Festival. In addition, your ad will automatically be included in the online version of the Festival Guide at Check out last year’s 2019 Fringe Festival Guide below:

Updated pricing during the COVID-19 pandemic.

2020 Fringe Festival Editorial Book

Get your ad in front of a captive audience. This beautifully designed printed booklet contains information about the curated shows of our 2020 Fringe Festival. In 2019, we sold over 6,000 seats to our curated shows, making the Curated Festival Playbill an optimal way to reach some of our most active audience members. Our curated festival playbill is printed in full color, sized 9.5×15”. More information available in spring 2020!

2020 FringeArts Partner

Even local businesses with smaller budgets can partner with FringeArts around specific festivals or year-round. By participating in our Neighborhood Partners program, businesses agree to share 3+ Social Media Posts tagging @ FringeArts during a set time period and display FringeArts marketing materials at your location. FringeArts agrees to provide the marketing materials for your business, a Points of Interest listing in our app, and a scheduled push notification about your offerings.

Looking for bigger advertising opportunities?

Learn more about becoming a FringeArts Sponsor and find out how you can receive additional visibility at our upcoming events and festivals.

Our 2020 Advertising Package is available here, and you can reserve your space online. Email with any questions. You will receive an agreement and invoice from FringeArts within 3–5 business days of your reservation.

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