Cannonball Crash: February 9th

"Eat Me Baladi" with Leila Delicious and Mette Loulou von Kohl + More

February 9, 2024

Each show approx. 60 mins

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6pm – 7pm

Introducing THE TROUGH, a lavish and captivating encounter where gluttony takes center stage. It’s not your mama’s dinner party; it’s an exclusive invitation to sit at The Table, indulge your senses, question what you’re consuming and, perhaps more importantly, what you’re not. The plate is your canvas; will you leave the scraps, or lap it clean?

THE TROUGH offers a unique experience for up to two people at a time. From 6-7PM, dive into this provocative exploration of appetite and excess. It’s a moment to savor, a chance to confront the complexities of our consumption habits, and an opportunity to venture into uncharted territories of taste, desire, and outrospection. The feast begins at THE TROUGH: come hungry, stay until you’re stuffed

8pm – 9pm
CRASH: Eat Me Baladi: Leila Delicious & Mette Loulou von Kohl

An evening of two artistic explorations that investigate the intersections between sexuality, sensuality, and Palestinian identity through the body, movement/dance and food.

Leila Delicious & Mette Loulou von Kohl will share their works in conversation to probe the spaces of dissonance and familiarity between their individual experiences in relating to their bodies as Palestinians.

LEILA DELICIOUS (she/her) is a Palestinian Jordanian performance and burlesque artist whose work forces space for the fragmented identities of Palestinian and levant Arab youth. Focusing on the embodied experiences of displacement, occupation, and incarceration, and how these experiences are inherited through the body, Leila’s solo and community based works invites the audience to witness and fall into various states of kinesthetic empathy.

METTE LOULOU (she/her) was born from the orange at the center before the new world came. She is a queer femme, of Lebanese/Palestinian and Danish ancestry. She has lived in New York, Romania, Morocco, Denmark and England. Mette Loulou is fascinated by the intersection between her personal identities as a jumping off point to reveal, dismantle and rebuild realities and dreams. She grapples with her past to complicate and better understand her present. Mette Loulou weaves movement, words, and objects into the exploration of her embodied histories. She exists in two places at once. 

9:30pm – 10:30pm
AFTER HOURS CABARET: Recipes for Genocide 

Can’t stand the heat, but you’re locked in the kitchen? Reaching your boiling point? Having trouble keeping your temper at a simmer? Well lucky for you, your hosts LunchLady (Cannonball Producer, Colby Calhoun) & TheChef (Cannonball Co-Founder, Mae West) are here to share their tips for easy-bake anarchy, ready-to-eat revolution, and resistance to-go — to make sure you can still feed you and yours back home after the night is over. Your hosts have curated a world-class tasting menu of performers, which will be revealed leading up to the evening.

During this variety show cabaret, artists will offer multidisciplinary responses to South Africa’s recent proceedings in the International Court of Justice — in solidarity with our local and global communities experiencing the brutality of apartheid and genocide in Gaza, in all of Palestine, and beyond. Featuring performances by Nicole Bindler, Mikah Baumrin-Daniels, Ella-Gabriel Mason, and Vanessa Rosensweet

Nicole Bindler (she/her) is a dance-maker, Body-Mind Centering® practitioner, writer, and activist. Her work has been presented on four continents. Diyar brings to life Palestine’s rich history and culture through dance, movement and theatre. These practices are important outlets for creative cultural resistance against oppression.

Mikah Baumrin-Daniels (they/she) is a Jewish Egyptian-American interdisciplinary artist who grew up in New York City and currently lives in Philadelphia. With a focus in dance and performance, Mikah explores the feeling of “home” within the queer & femme experiences of these mixed diasporas.

Ella-Gabriel Mason (they/them) wants to understand who we are, how we got here, and how we’re all thinking and feeling about that. An artmaker, mover, educator and bodyworker, they combine rigorous academic research with lived experience, words with dance, brain with body, living in the tension between ways of knowing and methods of being.

Vanessa Rosensweet (she/her) is a black biracial Jew and a proud New Jersey native. She is a poet, dancer, kindergarten teacher and aspiring midwife. Her favorite food is chocolate cake and her favorite person is her grandma.

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