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Events August Scratch Night: 8/22

August Scratch Night: 8/22

August 22 at 7:00pm

Runtime TBA


The RotundaMap

The popular, long running works-in-progress series on the first Monday of every month.

Come see a roster of Philly’s most talented artists perform new material from shows they are working on in this fast-paced sampling of contemporary theater, dance, performance art, and everything in between. Scratch Night features short performances by four-to-six companies/artists, offering an inside look at the future of performance.

60 minutes
FREE / Suggested Donation


This show’s line up:


Samuel Beckett @ Fail Better Productions

If you see only one Fringe performance this year, make it Cat-A-Strophe, farcical satire, a Barrymore Awards candidate that puts a mirror in front of your face (and may make you reevaluate your life). Side effects may include squirming in your seat, tears of laughter and a pressing need to go to the bathroom. Opens August 25 and runs indefinitely.


Photo by John Baumgartner

Photo by John Baumgartner

Tales of the Grotesque and Mysterious

The Phenomenal Animals

Enter Poe’s world. The black cat cries, the pendulum looms closer, and an empty tomb awaits. Edgar Allan Poe’s most twisted and horrific tales merge into one immersive journey of mystery, imagination, the grotesque, and arabesque.





King John

King John

Revolution Shakespeare

Intrigue. Murder. War. This King John is set in a future after the collapse of civilization. A corrupt ruling class, after seizing power, finds itself embroiled in a vicious struggle for total dominance. With political relevancy that mirrors our own time, King John asks “Where do you stand?” Performances 9/21–10/1.






Medium Theatre Company

Witness one woman spacewalk through a sea of red Netflix sleeves and iron oxide dust. Can our lone heroine find a place for herself in this world or any other? One Way Red features Dani Solomon’s solo show, directed by Mason Rosenthal, preceded by a constellation of other Mars-inspired happenings.


Photo by Kate Raines

Photo by Kate Raines

Exile 2588

Almanac Dance Circus Theater

An acrobatic folk-music space epic adaptation of the story of Io set 572 years in the future. With Pig Iron’s Dan Rothenberg as an outside eye and live, original music by Chickabiddy.





Photo by David Brick

Photo by David Brick

Speculum Diaries

Irina Varina

A young woman’s solo about longing. For love, connection, home and understanding of oneself independent of those things. Told through personal/fictional narratives and some dance, it features among other things: an antique speculum found in a basement, babushka, “Brilliant Traces”, voice of Charlie Kaufman.





LeeAnn Mallorie

Human exposes the inner alchemy of a human life, stunningly expressed in physical theater. Laugh. Cry. Curse. Transcend. A soul-wrenching solo improvisation based on true stories—mine and yours—of pride, lust, longing, self-sabotage, devastation, and personal reclamation. Every woman’s journey on the path to being seen.

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