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HPFS: A Commitment to Philadelphia

Posted February 25th, 2019

With the opening show in the new High Pressure Fire Service series kicking off this weekend, FringeArts Artistic Producers Zach Blackwood and Katy Dammers share what HPFS really stands for and why we’re pumped about the next few months of programming at FringeArts.


HPFS philadelphia

Photo by Robby Virus

In 1903, he FringeArts building at the intersection of Columbus and Race Streets opened as the nation’s first High Pressure Fire Service system, its name carved on the east and west façades. Water was pumped from the Delaware River via a six-foot diameter pipe into the brick edifice and then funneled out to more than 900 fire hydrants from Girard Avenue to South Street. This innovative system allowed firefighters to shoot a two-inch stream of water 230 feet in the air and led to a significant decline in fire-related deaths and damages. With this reassurance, insurance companies subsequently dropped additional charges on tall buildings, and Philadelphia’s downtown area entered a renewed period of urban growth and architectural advancement. Though the pipeline from the Delaware has long since been capped and decommissioned, a spidering pathway of pipeworks still connects our building to a huge swath of the city: to cafés and community centers, taverns and libraries, and inevitably several cheesesteak spots.

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Sherry Truck

Posted September 14th, 2015

“It is not hard to find a therapist in the city, but it is hard to find a good match–someone to help you drop your guard and pinpoint what’s bothering you.

Enter Sherapy: A character therapist, Sherry, in a roaming retro truck, who gives free, on-the-spot sessions to anyone curious enough to walk inside her domain, which she describes as safe and “elegant trashy,” not kitschy bad taste. ” – Natalie Rin, Brooklyn Magazine 


The Sherry Truck is a mobile boutique, a cafe, a therapy office, and a flexible performance platform. Sherry has grown too big for the churches, theaters, and galleries of the bourgeoisie, and is now taking her messages of presence and self-awareness to the streets. The Sherry Truck can traverse the social, political, and geographical restrictions of the art worlds and allow Sherry to help people who often do not have access to help. Sherry and her helpers serve pink lattes, offer manicures and pedicures, individual or couples Sherapy sessions, performance relics, and much more. Sherry also invites other artists and artisans to display their works in collaboration with her.

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Ann Liv Young‘s creations are essentially a reflection of her life, inspired by her experiences with her dancers, family, collaborators and passersby. The ultra-personal becomes the material she molds for performance. Young’s mission is to create work that is honest in its inception, creation and execution. Her work combines text, music and choreography to build scenes that set up ideas, images and relationships and then destroy them. Young’s text is explicitly sexual, emotional and blunt, but it is always delivered in a manner that is not. The overt drama of her work is subdued by the realness of this text. Her work exemplifies constant contrast in all its layers. Audiences are provoked and forced to examine their role in the presentation of dance and performance. They must determine their place as supporters, mockers, posers or subjects.

Young creates fantastical sets for the comfort of her dancers and in an effort to take the audience to a unique space that is not necessarily the stage. She often works with live animals on stage, forcing natural and odd relationships between these animals and the performers. A key component of Young’s process maintains that all rehearsals must take place in her apartment. The stage is then set in the manner of her apartment with its atypical decor. In this way, the work is created with life surrounding it; her dog is walking around, roommates are doing laundry and the phone rings. The sense of focus for the performers and the work is more immediate and real than that created in a studio.

Ann Liv Young’s work, creation process, titles and intentions are forward and literal resulting in layered, provocative, contrived and thoughtful work that breaks barriers in dance performance. (Source)


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Marissa Perel & Chris Forsyth

Posted September 13th, 2015

Chris Forsyth 

Chris Forsyth is a lauded guitarist and composer whose work assimilates art-rock textures with vernacular American influences.

Long active in underground circles, heʼs recently released a string of acclaimed records of widescreen rock, and in 2013, he assembled The Solar Motel Band, who have quickly developed a reputation as an incredible live act, provoking ecstatic comparisons to visionary artists such as Television, the Grateful Dead, Popul Vuh, Neil Young & Crazy Horse, and Richard Thompson.

The volatile chemistry of the Solar Motel Band is evidenced
on their Solar Live 10.15.13 LP (Electric Ragtime), recorded live in Philadelphia and released in spring 2014.

Intensity Ghost, the first studio album by Chris Forsyth & the Solar Motel Band was released to universal acclaim in October 2014
on the No Quarter label. It was named one of the best releases of 2014 by Uncut (#34), The Washington Post, and the New Yorker.

Aquarium Drunkard called it “pure unadulterated guitar heaven – classic rock remade.” The Quietus said, “Itʼs just immense.”

In addition to Forsythʼs work as a solo artist and bandleader, he has been an inveterate collaborator with a diverse range of artists, including singer/songwriter Meg Baird, trumpeter Nate Wooley, analog synthesist Koen Holtkamp, and choreographer Miguel Gutierrez. He is a recipient of a 2011 Pew Fellowship in the Arts and resides in Philadelphia.

Marissa Perel

Marissa Perel is an artist and writer based in New York. Her interdisciplinary work includes performance, installation, criticism and curatorial projects.  She often uses collaboration as a platform for the exchange of disciplines, working methods and discourses with choreographers, composers and visual artists.  She is interested in drawing from the polemics of identity and representation to create compositional models for performance and installation. She orchestrates an immersive world where text, objects, dance and video transmit experiences of personal and societal conflicts. Her materials are cathected objects, cues that connect an immediate physical and psychic state to past events. Her work has been shown at numerous galleries, theaters and performance spaces in the U.S. and abroad.

Perel asks, “How do we move across space and time with respect to our collected histories?” Her essays, reviews, experimental prose and interviews engage this question at the convergence of the fields of contemporary art and performance. She originated the column, “Gimme Shelter: Performance Now” for Art21 Magazine and edited Critical Correspondence, the on-line dance and performance journal of Movement Research. She also pursues this question in her curatorial work, seeking to bring visibility to a multitude of forms and discourses. She has curated performances, panels and talks at such venues as the New Museum, New York Live Arts and at the Aux Performance Space at Vox Populi where she recently served as Curatorial Fellow.

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Festival Bar is Your Everything

Posted September 9th, 2014

It’s widely accepted that besides taking over your early evenings with performances, your late nights also belong to us. Have you seen our schedule? It’s all free, and it kicked off with a sick weekend. Upcoming includes:

Wednesday, September 10, 10:00 pm
From Matthew Neenan’s Sunset, o639 Hours, presented by Ballet X, music by Rosie Langabeer

Thursday, September 11, 10:00 pm
Cabaret with the Pig Iron School for Advanced Performance Training

Thursday, September 11, 11:30 pm
The Only Band in Illyria (the band from Pig Iron’s Twelfth Night

Friday, September 12, 11:30 pm
Champagne Jerry

Saturday, September 13, 10:00 pm
Red 40 and the Last Groovement

Red 40 and the Last Groovement — Hang Me Out To Dry from Ben Grinberg on Vimeo.

Saturday, September 13, 11:30 pm
El Malito and the 33rd Century

Wednesday, September 17, 11:30 pm
Adrienne Truscott is Asking For It

Friday, September 19, 10:00 pm
Eleanor Bauer: Bauer Hour

Friday, September 19, 11:30 pm
Doll Parts, the Dolly Parton cover band

Saturday, September 20, 10:00 pm
Wilhelm Bros. and Co.: Lightfoot Comes Alive!

Saturday, September 20, 11:30 pm
Johnny Showcase and The Mystic Ticket

Sunday, September 21, 10:00 pm
Wilhelm Bros. and Co.: Lightfoot Comes Alive!

Tonight! Maya Beiser’s “Uncovered” at the FringeArts Stage

Posted September 7th, 2014

You’ve probably gotten wind of how awesome our late night programming is, but in case you haven’t, check it out for yourself tonight at 9:00 pm. Cellist Maya Beiser covers iconic rock songs, from “Lithium” to “Kashmir.” Preview below:

Maya Beiser’s “Uncovered
Tonight, 9:00 pm
FringeArts Stage
140 N. Columbus Blvd.