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Ricky Lake Jackson Needs to Get Back Home

Posted September 9th, 2012

It’s pronounced “uh-MAIR-kuh.”

Most of my exposure to so-called Southern Rock has been through either the biker part of my family (no joke, despite, or is it because of? my family origins in northwest Pennsylvania), Midwestern friends who played such things during drunken nights in college in a nostalgia for a time that never was and that they could never have experienced, and in a cover of “Sweet Home Alabama” played by two bands at my college who joined forces for an epic encore in a dining hall.

So, when I went to meet Ricky Lake Jackson of Jawbone Junction, five-month-old baby in tow, I was ready to hang. Stuck in Philadelphia after the death of their lead guitarist, they’re doing a three-night stand at the Twisted Tail during Philly Fringe, to try to get some scratch to get back home to Arkansas.

After the jump: How Ricky Lake got his name, the death of Slim Willie Jefferson, and face-melting.

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