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International Fringe 2018: A Welcome to Artists from Around the World

Posted September 2nd, 2018

The United States government may be pursuing an isolationist policy but the Philadelphia Fringe is doing the opposite: opening its doors not only to the most creative American performers and performances but also to the best and most creative theater artists and their productions from around the world—overcoming the ancient fear of the symbolic Tower of Babel with people not understanding each other.

To show the worldwide scope of the 22nd Philadelphia Fringe Festival, we offer this spotlight on performers from abroad and productions by American artists that present a global perspective.

Theater writer Henrik Eger, editor of Drama Around the Globe and contributor to Phindie and Broad Street Review, among other publications, has lived in six countries on three continents and has visited Africa and Australia as well. He bids everyone a hearty WELCOME to the City of Brotherly Love—this year in 18 different languages: Arabic, Celtic, Chinese, English, Esperanto, Estonian, Farsi, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hindi, Irish, Italian, Latin, Polish, Romanian, and Spanish.

We start this year’s overview with a special welcome to two programs featuring a wide range of global creators:


  1. le super grandBienvenue & welcome to Montreal-based choreographer Sylvain Émard and Le Super Grand ContinentalLe Grand Continental wowed audiences during its run at the 2012 Fringe Festival and has garnered enthusiastic response across the world. Fully realizing a blissful marriage between the pure delight of line dancing and the fluidity and expressiveness of contemporary dance, the celebratory event enlists hundreds of local people to perform its synchronized choreography in large-scale public performances. The world’s most infectious performance event returns to the front steps of the Philadelphia Museum of Art in an even larger spectacle of dance.

More info and tickets here

  1. Bonvenon, willkommen, bienvenido, witamy, bienvenue & welcome to Do You Want A Cookie? from The Bearded Ladies Cabaret—a world premiere with an international cast. Do You Want A Cookie? serves up a delicious romp through cabaret history, with an international cast of artists performing a live revue of cabaret from the Chat Noir to Weimar nightlife to 21st-century drag. The all-star cast comes draws from around the world, including Bridge Markland (Berlin), Malgorzata Kasprzycka (Paris/Warsaw), Dieter Rita Scholl (Berlin), and Tareke Ortiz (Mexico City).

More info and tickets here


  1. ear whispered

    As Far As My Fingertips Take Me. Photo by

    وسهلا اهلا (ahlaan wasahlan) & bienvenu. Welcome to Tania El Khoury who lives in Lebanon and the UK with her multifaceted program ear-whispered. Little is known about Palestinian refugee camps and their communities. El Khoury presents her Fringe work in five parts through interactive performances and installations at Bryn Mawr College:

    1. Gardens Speak, an interactive sound installation containing the oral histories of ten ordinary people who were buried in Syrian gardens. (Bryn Mawr College.) Read more.
    2. Camp Pause, a video installation that tells the stories of four residents of the Rashidieh Refugee Camp on the coast of Lebanon. (Bryn Mawr College.) Read more.
    3. As Far As My Fingertips Take Me, an encounter through a gallery wall between a single audience member and a refugee. (Old City & Bryn Mawr College.) Read more.  
    4. Stories of Refuge, an immersive video installation that invites audiences to lay down on metal bunk beds and watch videos shot by Syrian asylum seekers in Munich, Germany. (Old City.) Read more.
    5. Tell Me What I Can Do, a newly commissioned work featuring letters that audiences have written in response to Gardens Speak. (Bryn Mawr College.) Read more.

More info and tickets here

  1. Bienvenido & welcome to the bilingual (Spanish & English) cast of La Fábrica performing Gustave Ott’s Passport. Lost in a foreign country, Eugenia is detained and thrown into a vicious maelstrom of miscommunication. This poetic and immersive Kafkaesque thriller delves into the question of immigration—exposing the mechanics of language and power. Some performances will be presented in English, some in Spanish, and some will be decided at the toss of a coin.

More info and tickets here

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Bringing Dance Where It Does Not Belong: Monica Bill Barnes on The Museum Workout

Posted August 13th, 2018

After a six-month run at New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art, The Museum Workout comes to the Fringe Festival with a unique opportunity to rediscover one of Philly’s most iconic institutions. Known for its impressive steps and collections of art spanning 2,000 years, the Philadelphia Museum of Art will host the 45-minute contemporary dance/participatory workout routine led by Monica Bill Barnes and Company. Author and artist Maira Kalman, known for her New Yorker cover illustrations and her books for children and adults, chose the artwork along the tour and provides commentary on select works and dance partners Monica Bill Barnes and Anna Bass lead high-energy, choreographed exercise throughout the many galleries.

The experience turns the typical museum visit on its head and forges a new relationship between visitors and art, to the tune of “Don’t Go Breaking My Heart” (and other high-energy numbers mixed live by creative producing director Robert Saenz de Viteri). We talked to Monica Bill Barnes about the process of developing this work and the how it fits into her company’s mission.

FringeArts: How did the company come up with the idea for The Museum Workout?

Monica Bill Barnes: When the Met [The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City] first approached the company about making a show for one of their galleries, we were skeptical about creating a show in the midst of so much art. We did not want to add more art to this wealth of art. But the opportunity felt exciting and a challenge that we wanted to take on. I visited the museum with each company member and while Kelly Hanson and I were standing in the armor gallery looking at all the knights in shining armor, we started to wonder how long it would take to jog through the entire museum without stopping to look at anything, how many miles it would be, what song would we listen to and would that actually be an interesting thing to encounter as a visitor to the museum? We loved the idea of running in our signature sequin dresses that we have worn for several shows with the brand of running shoes that I grew up watching my dad run marathons in. These sequin dresses are designed to feel a bit like a suit of armor but with sequin.

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The Weekender: Discover truest self, see infant in jug

Posted June 28th, 2013
Jug Baby

Jug Baby:An Autobiography

As a part of SoLow Festival, Philly’s pay-what-you-can, low-maintenance mill of experimental art,  come see the life and times of a shapeshifting baby made in a jug. CW Kennedy’s Jug-Baby:An Autobiography is the story of two parents without the means to care for their newborn babe . . . so they stuff it in a jar hoping it will meld into something they can sell to the circus. The moldable, meldable hero we  are left with battles with themes of sexuality and self-discovery featuring puppets, animation, and live music. It will be presented at the Arts Parlor, 1170 South Broad st (Broad and Federal) on Saturday, June 29th and 30th, and all shows start at 7pm (doors open at 6:30pm).

Terrance Gore

Terrance Gore

Terrance Gore—art curator, gallery owner, dancer, hairstylist, caterer, interior designer, and proponent of HIV positive awareness will be hosting a series of “Art of Healing” workshops wrestling with curriculum surrounding the connotations of “I AM . . .” and seeing oneself whole. Gore will be leading participants in activities exploring personal vindications and clarity of identity through the creation of collages, paintings, writing, poetry, movement studies, and short stories. The sessions will take place at Painted Bride Art Center, 230 Vine Street this Sunday, June 30th, as well as July 14, 21, 28, and August 4 and 11 from 11am to 2pm. For $15 each class and $80 for the full experience, you will leave these workshops in total communion with yourself, but don’t forget to register! Call 215.925.9914 or visit Painted Bride’s website to reserve your spot on the train to self discovery.

Two Hundred Thousand Dirty

Two Hundred Thousand Dirty

The 6th Philadelphia Independent Film Festival has arrived! From June 26 through this weekend partake in the dream of fostering a Channing Tatum-free independent cinema community and view such festival picks  as grungy urban strip mall based comedy Two Hundred Thousand Dirty and experimental narrative short film Seed Story at any of four participating Philadelphia venues–Franklin Institute, National Constitution Center, Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, and Bryn Mawr Film Institute. Check out the event schedule and choose wisely! (TIX)

 The Philadelphia Museum of Art opens its newest collection on Friday, June 28th in the Special Exhibitions Gallery, First floor, Perelman Building, 2525 Pennsylvania Ave. Bolstering the museum’s Art Splash kid-friendly summer exhibition schedule, Witness: The Art of Jerry Pinkney features nationally the acclaimed Philadelphia born and educated illustrator whose picturesque works include The Patchwork Quilt (1985); John Henry (1994); Minty, A Story of Young Harriet Tubman (1996); Black Cowboy, Wild Horses: A True Story (1998); The Old African (2005); and Sweethearts of Rhythm (2009). Take a child (your own, as the law would have it) and enjoy these precious illustrative masterpieces.

PHAIR, apparently NOT a symposium on the career of the always relevant singer/song-writer Liz Phair, is still kickin’! On Saturday, from 10am to 5pm June 29th stroll 23rd and Arch Streets, neighboring the Schuylkill River Walk  at the European open air market inspired event that aims to carve out a niche as Philadelphia art lovers’ ultimate treasure hunt. Check out The Philadelphia Tribune’s piece on the event here!

–Maya Beale

Le Grand Rehearsal Director: Sarah Gladwin Camp

Posted September 6th, 2012

Blog contributor Marina Kec talked to Sarah Gladwin Camp this week about Le Grand Continental, the energetic dance extravaganza taking to the steps of the Philadelphia Museum of Art for the 2012 Live Arts Festival. Over 150 performers from different walks of life and with varying levels of dance experience will band together this weekend, and Sarah’s been responsible for helping Sylvain Émard make this a reality. Here’s what she had to say, both to Marina, and in an interview with Philly.com, after the jump:

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Le Grand Continental: Voices from the Nosebleed Section

Posted August 28th, 2012

“All here!” say Le Grand Continental Philly participants.

On August 7, Le Grand Continental held its first full-participant rehearsal: 150 volunteer performers from the Philadelphia area gathered in Penn’s Class of 1923 Ice Rink to practice for the September 8 and 9 shows at the 2012 Live Arts Festival. Like specters of actual spectators, bikes sat up in the stands and helmets looked on as the heads they protected remarried their pedaling legs: now graceful, they side-stepped, pivoted, and lounged in syncopated time.

Humid as Hades (and iceless, too), the rink rehearsal marked the first where all the volunteers gathered in one space; until then dancers had been practicing the 30-minute dance performance in two separate groups. Smaller rehearsals made the logistics of mastering the routine less nightmarish, and finally coming together meant that the team could focus on spacing issues and what it would feel like to dance as part of a crowd. Ignoring my own urge to jump on-rink, I talked with several participants about what motivated them to become, as phrased in a recent article about the performance by Philadelphia Magazine, ‘citizen dancers.’

After the jump: Philly residents get their groove back, and Le Grand Continental in Montreal

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Le Grand Continental about to Get Grand

Posted August 6th, 2012

You sign up yet to dance in Le Grand Continental? If not, get on it. If you did, don’t forget: tonight is the must-do recruitment session, 7:00 pm, 5th and Fairmount, please RSVP. Rehearsals start tomorrow! Here’s something like what you’ll get to do at the Art Museum:

Even if you’re not going to dance for us, you can see everybody who is at the Live Arts Festival in September. For free!

Le Grand Continental runs September 8 at 4:00 and 8:00 pm, and September 9 at 4:00 pm. Philadelphia Museum of Art steps, N. 26th Street and Benjamin Franklin Parkway, Fairmount. Free!

–Nicholas Gilewicz