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We Got It All: Family Friendly Fringe

Posted September 14th, 2012

“It’s not a converted space and it’s not a ghostly space, and yet there are benevolent ghosts present there; children have been playing there for over a hundred years. It’s full of wood and old-fashioned plain toys—nothing with bells and whistles.”

When Seth Bauer, writer of this year’s Fringe work Seek and Hide, talks about Smith Memorial Playground & Playhouse in East Fairmount Park, he leans forward and his torso initiates his speech; like kids manipulating a gumball machine, a metal head is thrust front before a saccharine planet drops out.

Smith Playhouse: 1890s play meets modern day parking lot. Photo by Katia Strieck.

After the jump: late 19th-century children’s fashion, and iMagic

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