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Eurydice by Radio Eris

Posted September 13th, 2019

September 13 + 19, 2019

Discordian rock band Radio Eris tells the lost tale of Eurydice in this psychedelic rock opera, a mythological journey through the underworld and dimensions beyond time with the goddess Eris as a guide.

“Daring players … making gorgeously melodic rock with irresistibly odd storylines … [an] always epic song-story” (A.D. Amorosi, City Paper).

$8 / 110 minutes

Male Tears: A Clown Castration

Posted September 8th, 2019

September 8 + 9, 2019

Brick and Bristle explore masculinity the only way possible, through a red nose and booty shorts. When does masculinity become toxic? With the smallest masks, these two clowns seek to unmask a space where masculinity can be vulnerable. Is castration inevitable? Don’t manspread too much.

$10 / 45 minutes

Director Rebecca Posner Photography/Production Manager Jeanne Lyons

Nathan Alford-Tate, Travis Draper & Rebecca Posner are devising artists from various parts of the US. Sharing a common education from the Devised Performance MFA program at UARTS/Pig Iron, we seek to create work that is interdisciplinary. We connect movement, music, text, and metaphors to realize our original pieces. Our mission is to create theatrical experiences that eschew the easy labels of “play” or “musical” and dissolve not only the barriers between stylistic modes but also the barrier between performer and audience.

Roll Play: An Improvised Adventure

Posted September 8th, 2019

September 8, 14, 15 + 20, 2019

Dungeons & Dragons & Improv! Like Whose Line Is It Anyway? meets The Lord of the Rings, Roll Play cleverly combines fantasy storytelling games with interactive improv comedy. With YOUR suggestions shaping the world, the characters, and their quest, every show is a brand new adventure!

$15 / 60 minutes

All performances are BYOB and appropriate for all ages. Celebrating someone’s birthday or other event? Let us know via our Facebook page, and they’ll be part of the show!

“Went on a whim as a lover of D&D and theater, and wow. I was amazed by how funny this was! Really well moderated, and some truly hilarious moments.” (Sandra S.)

“It would’ve been the highlight of my evening even if I hadn’t been invited up to cameo as a Lich Queen. Fun for RPG fans and people who just like funny stuff.” (Yona Y.)

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The Clinic

Posted September 8th, 2019

September 8, 2019

Two strangers arrive at a local clinic for their appointments. Neither are there voluntarily. As the waiting room becomes more nightmarish and the clinic’s employees more twisted, the two find themselves at the mercy of a powerful system that considers it a civic duty to relinquish bodily autonomy when called upon.

Free / 45 minutes

The Clinic is a Lone Brick Theatre premier by aspiring playwright Rebecca Gomezrueda, who developed the work in collaboration with the company.

The Clinic marks Lone Brick’s fourth production in the Fringe Festival. Previous entries include the Edgar Allan Poe–themed immersive experiences, Dissever My Soul (2015) and Ashes of a Dead Philosophy (2016) as well as the comic armageddon, Every Day, Apocalypse! (2017).

Lone Brick Theatre is Widener University’s resident theater company dedicated to producing non-traditional theater through innovative scripts, staging, directing, and performance. Drawing from the talent and ingenuity of Widener’s students, faculty, and staff alike, the company also seeks to give a creative voice to the rich diversity of the campus community.

Past productions on our home turf include:

– Lisa Loomer’s Distracted
– Gina Gionfriddo’s U.S. Drag
– Aristophanes’ Lysistrata: A Burlesque Cabaret
– Steve Yockey’s very still and hard to see
– Marsha Norman’s Getting Out
– Eugene Ionesco’s Rhinoceros: A Meditation on Gender Politics
Pulp-Free Fiction: a parody
– Johnna Adams’s Lickspittles, Buttonholers, and Damned Pernicious Go-Betweens
– Martin McDonagh’s The Pillowman
– Charles Busch’s Psycho Beach Party
– Tracy Letts’s Bug: A Play

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Emergency Contact

Posted September 8th, 2019

September 8–11, 15–18 + 22, 2019

Headphones on, follow along. Jenny has been summoned and you agreed to help. Retrace her steps and listen to her final dispatch to discover how we break the cycle. Emergency Contact is an immersive, traveling experience for a solo audience member.

$20 / 45 minutes

Directed and created by Ann Kreitman Voice of Jenny played by Parker Sera

Emergency Contact is a show for one audience member at a time. Audience members are required to wear headphones for the duration of the performance and to walk inside and outside according to direction provided through the headphones. Accommodations will be provided during inclement weather. The performance begins and ends at The Good Karma Cafe at the Wilma Theatre.

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Red Lodge, Montana

Posted September 7th, 2019

September 7–9, 11–13 + 15, 2019

A mysterious death. An enigmatic detective. And some damn fine huckleberry pie. Inspired by the work of filmmaker David Lynch, Red Lodge, Montana will immerse you in a nightmare world of danger, desire, and doppelgängers. (Pie not included.)

$20 / 80 minutes

Red Lodge, Montana follows a troupe of actors as they attempt to produce their own send-up of David Lynch’s landmark television series Twin Peaks. What they end up creating is a live-action nightmare. Audience members will follow characters through the performance space as if they are walking through one of Lynch’s films.

Please Note: This performance will require audience members to stand and travel through the space, and the venue is not ADA-compliant. The performance contains strobe lights, loud sounds, simulated drug use, nudity, and moments of simulated violence. If you have additional questions about the content of the show, please e-mail info@findtheantidote.org.

There will be no late seating at this performance.

Director & Co-Creator Michael Osinski Cast & Co-Creators Terrill Braswell, Anthony Crosby, Megan Edelman, Josh Hitchens, Kelly McCaughan, Amanda Schoonover, Geremy Webne-Behrman Stage Manager Eleanor Safer Sound & Video Designer Daniel Ison Lighting Designer Sydney Norris Scenic & Props Designer Dylan FitzSimons

The Antidote is an ever-changing collective of artists led by Philadelphia-based director and theater artist Michael Osinski. The Antidote believes live performance succeeds most when it entertains audiences and gives them a puzzle to solve. We blend contemporary pop culture with classic plots to craft a new way of telling stories. One that blends timeless tales and viral videos. One that appeals to the fast-paced multi-tasking world we live in.

The Antidote’s first production in 2015—The Hamlet Project—reimagined the Shakespearean classic through the lens of daytime television talk shows, music videos, online blogs, and pharmaceutical commercials. Great Again (2017) paid homage to Ibsen’s housewife heroine Nora Helmer, blending 1950’s sitcoms, dance crazes, and pulp fiction, all within the comfort and confines of a South Philly row home. Most recently The Antidote debuted its take on the self-help seminar with The Celebrity Guide to Mental Health and Wellness at the 2019 Philadelphia SoLow Fest.


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Dancing Again in Love

Posted September 7th, 2019

September 7, 8, 13–15 + 20–22, 2019

Dancing Again in Love is an ode to Black love, a choreopoem that puts the Black femme at the forefront of her story. Taking us on a journey through dance, poetry, and song, it asks whether we choose to repeat generational ways of love or break the cycle and redefine love for ourselves!

$10 / 70 minutes

 Black Love as a citing of resistance to oppression and stereotypes. This piece features many Black & Brown intersectional voices not often heard on stage. Inspired by Audre Lorde’s notion of women having to love in order to survive and the necessity for the “erotic.”

There will be a brief talkback and Q&A with the cast, crew, and playwright, Sabriaya Shipley, after each performance.

Cast Niya Colbert, Eric Carter, Imani Rothwell, Racine Lancaster Original Music by Jaymarie Santana, Shanel Edwards, Aaron Ball, Niles Bronze, Ronniere Spacely

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Period House

Posted September 7th, 2019

September 7, 8, 14, 15, 18, 21, + 22, 2019

Welcome to Period House, the luxury hotel and spa exclusively for ladies at that time of the month! Margaret isn’t the typical guest, and she has a lot to learn. Fortunately, an eclectic group of fellow guests and expert staff are there to guide and support her with ice cream, martinis, sass, and steam treatments.

$13 / 75 minutes

Ragtime Players coagulated just this summer to bring new local play Period House to Philly Fringe.  This wildly diverse crew includes actors who identify as African American, South Asian, and lesbian. The cast ranges from theater professors to fresh-in-town talent, and our playwright is a gay man who was raised and still resides in Northeast Philly. This melting pot of a theater company exists to crack up every kind of human out there.

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Period House is a recipient of the 2019 Independent Artist FestiFund

The Independent Artist FestiFund is a project of CultureTrust Greater Philadelphia




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You Are Not a Shining Star

Posted September 7th, 2019

September 7, 8, 21 + 22, 2019

Have you ever thought about your legacy? I mean, what makes you SPECIAL? What does it mean to be YOU? Are you the experiences you’ve accumulated? Are you the thoughts in your brain? If you’ve never pondered this, don’t worry. We’re here to help. Shining Star is a movement-based performance that is weird but not boring. This work supports and is supported by Urban Movement Arts (UMA), where we both work and teach. Come dance with us! UMA welcomes adults of all ages and experience levels.

$15 / 60 minutes

Performed by Vince Johnson and Mark Wong Designed by Mark Wong Outside eye by Lily Kind Supported by UMA

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Gay Mis

Posted September 7th, 2019

September 7, 8, 14 + 15, 2019

If you like Les Miserables, you’ll LOVE Gay Mis! Join us for a queer, drag queen–infused parody of everyone’s favorite French Revolution musical! Join Parmesan, Jabear, Fontina, Epanini and the whole gang as they go on a journey through time, space, and cheese. 

$25 / 120 minutes

Following the success of Thweeney Todd: The Flaming Barber of Fleek Street, Jaffe set out to see just how queer musical theater can get. Come see everyone’s favorite farting fugitive, Parmesan, as he evades capture from arch-nemesis, Jabear. Joining in their adventures are all the classic characters you’ve come to know; desperate Fontina, lonely Epanini, and those beautiful young lovers, Marius and Baguette. Action! Romance! Ham! It’s all waiting for you at Gay Mis! September 7th, 8th, 14th, and 15th at Franky Bradley’s, September 22nd at Punchline Philly.

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Posted September 7th, 2019

September 7 + 8, 2019

The Klassic Contemporary Ballet Company (KCBC) and KCBCII perform in their third annual Fringe Festival performance. Under the direction of Kimberly D. Landle, KCBC and KCBCII premiere three new pieces with vastly different ideas and concepts.

$20 / 90 minutes

Choreography by Kimberly D. Landle Photography by Brandon Wyche

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Sock It To Me!

Posted September 7th, 2019

September 7, 8, 11, 13–15, 18, 19 + 21, 2019

Inquiring minds want to know: Where was The WaitStaff last year? The answer’s a gas! Tune in, turn on, and laugh out loud with the Real Housewives of South Philly as The WaitStaff (America’s Favorite Sketch Comedy Troupe) makes its 18th appearance in the Philadelphia Fringe Festival!

$20 / 60 minutes

THE WAITSTAFF is a mainstay of the city’s nightlife and theater scene. They’ve played to crowds in New York, Chicago and Washington DC. Dubbed “Philly’s hottest sketch-comedy troupe” by The Philadelphia Inquirer, The WaitStaff has appeared in more Philly Fringe Festivals (18) than any other group. Their fast-paced performances of original, scripted material capitalize on a variety of styles and perspectives.

THE REAL HOUSEWIVES OF SOUTH PHILLY (created by WaitStaffer, Sara Carano) have been audience favorites since the ladies first took the stage in 2008. The WaitStaff’s silly, sophisticated, rude and ridiculous shows will sell out. Get your tickets ASAP.

GERRE GARRETT is an actor, director and voice artist. She is a creative dramatics specialist who facilitates workshops for students and professionals in education, business and the healing arts.
(LAUGHTERATWORK.FUN) Currently, Gerre teaches acting and sketch comedy at Drexel University.

CHRIS MCGOVERN is an original member of The WaitStaff. He began as a standup comedian opening for Joe Conklin, Todd Glass, Damon Wayans and a host of others in major comedy clubs from New York to Washington DC. In addition to acting, writing and directing for The Waitstaff, Chris has written and performed several one man shows. His JERSEY BOY and THE LAZY BOY ACTIVIST were produced by the Philadelphia Live Arts Festival.

RYAN MCMENAMIN is a Johnny-on-the-spot/Jack-off-all-trades. He’s been pushing the buttons that make the lights and sounds go for the WaitStaff since 2004! He is honored to be part of the creative process and this art-by-committee sketch comedy craziness.

CATHERINE MARY MORONEY has been performing on Philadelphia stages for over 20 years. She last appeared with Eric Singel in his comedies, I’d Kill for an Emmy and Murder in Dixie. A dual citizen of Ireland and the U.S. she is the Controller for FLIXFLING.COM and enjoys creating music, oil and acrylic painting and traveling abroad. Catherine is currently working on her first adventure novel featuring math and magic.

ERIC SINGEL was last seen in the 2017 Fringe Festival in the one-diva show, JOAN CRAWFORD IN HER OWN WORDS. He first appeared with the WaitStaff in the 2008 where he introduced astrologist, Starzina Starfish-Browne who has since gone on to star in her own show, LOOKING FOR URANUS. His marriage equality show, THE WEDDING CONSULTANT was named “…the most engaging entertainment [of the 2007 Philadelphia New Play Festival]” by VARIETY and enjoyed a successful revival at the 2011 Fringe. Favorite roles include Arnold (TORCH SONG TRILOGY) Reverend Parris (THE CRUCIBLE) and Dan Butler’s one-man show (THE ONLY THING WORSE YOU COULD HAVE TOLD ME.)

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Posted September 7th, 2019

September 7 + 8, 2019 

RE:figuring gathers, shapes, and rearranges. Leslie Elkins and foursome performance partner with Corinne Karon to play with ordered motifs and improvised ephemera, delighting in the discovery of patterns, fleeting and continuing.

$15 / 60 minutes

Foursomeperformance originally began as a dance theater collective interested in making fun and funny performances that reveled in the humor and darkness of human nature. The founding members of Foursomeperformance, Leslie Elkins, Grace Mi-He Lee, Jeff Prall, and Darcy Sebright, premiered Part I of their American Trilogy: The Pursuit of Happiness/What’s Your Problem? in the 2007  Fringe Festival. American Idle: We’ll Be With You Shortly debuted at 3rd Street Gallery in Old City. Over the next two years they performed Part II American Idol: Who Made You Boss?/Wasn’t It You? and Part III American Idyll: Love Is In The Air/What’s That Smell? both at Angler Movement Arts Center in Fishtown.

Foursomeperformance continues as a dance theater collective led by Rowan University professor Leslie Elkins. Our mission is to bring a variety of people together to experiment and devise performances that can only happen when multiple bodies, minds, voices, and talents contribute to the work. Foursomeperformance currently consists of established artists, designers, and performers working in collaboration with emerging artists. Present members include Leslie Elkins, Corinne Karon, Elizabeth Jones, Lele Tran, Jeff Warden, Michelle Campbell, Stephanie Filippo, Molly Jo Gifford, and Jayce Williams.

In last year’s 2018 Fringe Festival, Foursomeperformance premiered Embracing the Liminal, and most recently performed as part of Breaking The Glass Ceiling: A Celebration of Women in Choreography at Rowan University. Embracing the Liminal is a structured improvisational work considering transitional spaces and what it feels like “in-between,” from undone to finished, uncertainty to clarity, and indetermination to progress. We continually question these feelings; how we can feel simultaneously alone but supported, synchronized but messy, energized but afraid to breathe.

This year we are presenting RE:figuring, a performance that plays with ordered motifs and improvised ephemera. We are shaping and rearranging movements, sounds, images, and props all in an effort to discover patterns, both fleeting and continuing.

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60s FOLK Revisited

Posted September 7th, 2019

September 7, 8, 14 + 15, 2019

Protests, prevaricating politicians, pandemonium. It feels like the ’60s again! Time to revisit songs by Woody Guthrie, Judy Collins, Bob Dylan, Bob Gibson, Shel Silverstein, Chad Mitchell, Joni Mitchell, and more. Sung by BackStage Bistro Award winner Kate Loitz. Joyful, passionate music in a gorgeous rooftop setting.

$10 / 60 minutes

Join Kate Loitz and award-winning guitarist Lenny Ranallo on the beautiful roof deck of the Davison Building. Our venue is atop a private apartment building, so you must be escorted to the roof. Please arrive early so everyone can be seated by curtain. And be aware that there are no restrooms. The show is not for children, although teens should be fine. There are dark moments, and funny ones as well. Even a couple of sing-alongs.

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The Murder & Booze Cabaret

Posted September 6th, 2019

September 6–8 + 19–22, 2019

Florence and Texas have three things in common: liquor, death, and music. Real and real-crazy drunken tales of fame and violence from the 1920s fuse with jazzy riffs on modern pop songs for a night of high notes, low blows, and bespoke cocktails.

$15 / 70 minutes

Love Drunk Life is an arts production and creative lifestyle company working to cultivate theatre, film, books, music, and product for the artistic soul. We are thrilled to be coming back to Fringe.

Past Fringe productions include:

Herlock Sholmes and the Mysterious Case of the Jersey Devil or The Living Dragon (2018),
Public screenings of Happy Yummy Chicken (2016),
The Most Awkward Love Life of Peabody Magoo (2015).

The Murder & Booze Cabaret will also be presented as a part of this year’s NJ Fringe Festival. This will be the second year that Love Drunk Life has presented in NJ Fringe. Love Drunk Life has collaborated with the Princeton Public Library, EveryLibrary, the New Cannan Library, and the Burlington County Footlighters.

Check out Love Drunk Life’s line of products for artists of all types at etsy.com/shop/lovedrunklife

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Posted September 6th, 2019

September 6–10, 2019

several short new works, one performed in blackout. let us construct a vessel made with sinusoids, capillaries, tentacles. let it be unconcerned with survival, more concerned with gulping and discharging through as many portals as it can. yesterday’s garbage follows the friday and sunday shows. In repertory with Sneakers by Nichole Canuso Dance.

$20 / 75 minutes

Lighting Design by Maria Shaplin Sound Design by Adriano Shaplin Costumes by Kylie Stetler Performances by Mina Estrada, Christina Gesualdi, Anita Holland, Laura Vriend, and more

bilialien is an evening of short new works by Annie Wilson, creator of the Fringe hit Lovertits (2014). Pieces include keening in the dark. In Celtic tradition, keening is done over a dead body, but that was in a different time. Before the internet. In a world after the internet, celestial creatures trace the periphery of the room, their time onstage, their own vision. And maybe a secret duet will emerge?
bilialien is followed by Yesterday’s Garbage on Friday and Sunday nights. Yesterday’s Garbage is the worst open mic night we could conjure. Produced and hosted in collaboration with Anita Holland, Yesterday’s Garbage is open to anyone who has ever had a bad creative idea.

All of this is performed in repertory with Nichole Canuso Dance Company’s show Sneakers at Theatre Exile in South Philly.

Annie Wilson is a 2017 Pew Fellow in the Arts. Her work has been presented by Fringearts, Bryn Mawr College, JACK, thirdbird, the Center for Performance Research, and Mascher. Recent work includes: Design Your Own Death, At Home with the Humorless Bastard, Lovertits, The Remix Festival, At the Gloaming with the Hipster Shaman, and Solo. She is an Associated Artist at Applied Mechanics, and an incubated artist at Headlong. Artists she has worked with include: Meg Foley/moving parts, Lucinda Childs, Nichole Canuso Dance Company, Almanac Dance Circus Theater, Pasion Y Arte, Mary Tuomanen. She is assistant property manager at Simpson Mid-town. You can hire Hipster Shaman for events.

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Posted September 6th, 2019

September 6–8, 2019

A formal presentation on the Divine Ecstasy of St. Teresa of Avila. Forgive the lecturer for being out of sorts, it’s a weirdly stressful subject. Please consider in advance: What makes something sacred? Do you think hallucinations make you feel more lonely or less? Can divine figures be sexy?! There may be a pop quiz!

Free / 50 minutes

Devised by Sasha Wolfe and Ellen Zahniser Written by Ellen Zahniser Sound by Gem Rosenberg Tech by Molly Hastings

*Content Warning Adult language, some sexual content, mild gore (fake blood), poetic descriptions of self-mutilation/suicide ideation/depression/anxiety

About the Artists

Sasha Wolfe is a Providence-based performer who studied dance at The New School. Her work uses somatic and environmental information to generate improvised movement, solo and in collaboration with writers and musicians. She has performed at the Vanishing Performance Festival in New Orleans, and two consecutive years at the Providence Fringe Festival, as well as various other DIY shows in Providence, Boston, and New York.

Ellen Zahniser is a Providence-based performer/writer/artist with a BA in Theatre Arts and Performance Studies from Brown. Primarily centering text, sound, and movement, she has performed new works in collaboration or solo at FringePVD 2016-2018, AS220, The Wilbury Group’s Festival of New Works, NYNW Theatre Festival, Spaceus Boston, Vanishing Performance Festival NOLA, and various other majestic locations around New England.

Together, we make work that insists upon saying aloud the things we have been told to keep silent and taking up space in ways we have been shamed out of. Rather than prioritizing “prettiness” and acceptability of product, we focus on process/processing; we strive for an ethic of accountability and care for each other (before care for the audience) by centering the humanity/tenderness/power of all involved, and attempt to embody both a fundamental opposition to white supremacist heteropatriarchy and a collaborative togetherness—which we perceive as being both aesthetically crucial (allowing creativity to grow exponentially in the space between multiple brainbodies) and politically significant (realizing the forms of togetherness that we want the world to be based upon). We engage with disruptions and ghosts, pure intensities and radical capacities, ritual and heightened states in order to enter a space beyond narrow reality where we may encounter disturbed moments of pure aesthetic pleasure and maybe even glimpses of revelation, all while pursuing an agenda of transgressive visioning. Through a lens of queerness, we ultimately imagine creative work that manifests both a future of radiant possibility and a more tenable present.

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Posted September 6th, 2019

September 6–10, 2019

When someone departs your life they also enter it in a new way. Created and performed by Nichole Canuso (Wandering Alice, TAKES, The Garden, Pandæmonium) in collaboration with director Suli Holum, Sneakers is an elegy for what has gone, and a tender tumble through what remains. “Impressive fluency and unassuming humor” (The New York Times).

*ASL Interpretation for Saturday, September 8 performance at 3:00pm.

Sneakers will be performed in repertory with bilialien by Annie Wilson

Photo Credit: painting by DC LaMothe

$20 / 60 minutes

Tickets will be available at the door if sold out online*

*NOTE: There will be no tickets available at the door on Monday 9/9

Performed by Nichole Canuso Created in collaboration with Director Suli Holum Composer and sound designer Michael Kiley Lighting designer Maria Shaplin

When someone departs your life they also enter it in a new way; Sneakers is about that shift. Sneakers also examines the architecture of memory, and the systems we construct to house the past, the present, the false, the borrowed and the buried. The last time Canuso, Holum and Kiley collaborated in these same roles, was the Fringe Festival hit Wandering Alice (2008). These three dear friends and collaborators have hovered in one another’s orbit over the years, collaborating in different constellations of artists. They return as a trio to create this deeply personal work about grief and consolation, and the architecture of memory.

Monday evening’s performance will be followed by a late-night cabaret featuring Martha Graham Cracker, Eliza Hardy Jones, Pax Ressler, Emmanuel Delpech and many more. Drinks and snacks will be available throughout the evening. BOX OFFICE: 215-413-1318.

Nichole Canuso Dance Company (NCDC) is dedicated to creating performance experiences that embrace the complexity of humanity. Projects often sit at the crossroads of movement, visual art, and theater. NCDC brings dance out of conventional spaces to engage audiences in adventurous ways. The company is currently exploring the interfaces of live, embodied presence with emerging technologies that challenge our definitions of human relationship. Founded in 2004 by choreographer Nichole Canuso, NCDC is a Philadelphia-based ensemble that has been presented by FringeArts (Philadelphia), New York Live Arts (New York), The American Repertory Theater (Cambridge, MA), The Clarice Smith Performing Arts Center (College Park, MD), Dance Theatre Workshop (New York), DancePlace (Washington, D.C.), Judson Church Movement Research Exchange (New York, Philadelphia), Links Hall (Chicago), Lincoln Center Out of Doors Festival (New York), the International Festival of Art and Ideas (CT), HERE Arts Center (New York), Velocity Founders Theater (Seattle) and others.

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Wear and Tear

Posted September 5th, 2019

September 5–8, 2019

A movement-based comedy extravaganza creatively combining nonverbal performance with music, dance, and media. The Back Pack’s imaginative style has been described as a live-action cartoon, unmatched in its cleverness, and pure entertainment that will leave you with a smile on your face and a glow in your heart.

$15 / 60 minutes

The Back Pack is a physical comedy troupe that has been creating whimsical non-spoken sketch comedy since 2008. All of the work is original; created and performed entirely by the group. They have been awarded two B. Iden Payne awards from the B. Iden Payne council, and Critics Table award for Best Movement, and four Best of Fest accolades from Frontera Fest. This production, Wear and Tear, uses The Back Pack’s unique brand of storytelling featuring line drawings on large pads of paper strapped to the performers. This is coupled with movement and dance, and often also incorporates clowning, puppetry, shadows, animation, foley, and whatever else their hearts desire.

The Back Pack currently creates and performs in The Back Pack Co-Lab in East Austin, Texas.

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Operation: Wawa Road Trip

Posted September 5th, 2019

September 5–9, 12–16, 19–21, 2019

After their father’s death, Lee and Joey road-trip from Dayton to Philadelphia to scatter his ashes in a meaningful place: the Wawa parking lot. Features Dungeons & Dragons, sibling rivalry, rest stops, tunnel wizards, soda cave wisdom, and a disgusting hoagie legacy that must be upheld.

Read more about the show and Tribe of Fools’ work on the FringeArts Blog, Operation: Wawa Road Trip: An Interview with Terry Brennan.

$15–$25 / 85 minutes

Tribe of Fools is dedicated to creating new plays that blur the lines between theater, dance, acrobatics and other highly visual and kinetic storytelling techniques. Each year we present a new show that is as physically daring as it is poignantly relevant. Our ensemble push themselves to their physical limits while creating dynamic characters that make you laugh until they make you cry.

Tribe of Fools has tackled issues like gender roles, toxic masculinity, violence, sexual identity, learning disabilities, family, power dynamics and even time travel. With our “signature sweet bad-ass approach to theater” we bring a sense of levity and fun to our productions in order to make complicated and difficult themes accessible and identifiable to the audience. Tribe of Fools has been nominated for 10 Barrymore Awards, were the 2018 recipients of the June and Steve Wolfson Barrymore Award for Evolving Theatre Company and they were finalists on TruTv’s Fake Off and have toured up and down the east coast. They’ve created twelve full-length shows including Fringe hits such as Fishtown, Fly Eagles Fly, Zombies with Guns and Two Street as well as multiple holiday burlesques.

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Happy Hour on the Fringe

In this episode of Happy Hour on the Fringe, April Rose, FringeArts’ Fringe Festival Coordinator, talks to Tara Lake, Terry Brennan, Jarrod Markman, and Joseph Ahmed about their independent show offerings for this year’s Fringe Festival and their experiences as newbies and seasoned veterans of Fringe. Listen below or read the transcript on the FringeArts Blog.

I Know It Was the Blood: The Totally True Adventures of a Newfangled Black Woman will play September 20-22 at The Whole Shebang.

Operation: Wawa Road Trip will play  at the Proscenium Theatre at The Drake on September 5–9, 12–16, and 19–21.

 Dissonance and Generations are visual art exhibitions that will be showing at Da Vinci Art Alliance during the 2019 Fringe Festival. Free / Gallery hours: Wednesdays–Sundays, 12–5pm. DVAA is also presenting Composition in Concert, displayed at International House Philadelphia daily from 8am–10pm during the Fringe Festival.