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The Sea Voyage

Posted September 4th, 2019

September 4, 5, 7, 8, 11–16 + 18–20, 2019

Like any good play about the sea, this one opens with a storm. A band of privateers find themselves stranded on an island seemingly inhabited by a lone castaway. When the island’s other residents surge onto the scene, a war of love and duty breaks out. A true maritime romp of the Jacobean era, The Sea Voyage will be like its luckless pirates: raw, bold and devilishly funny. A voyage you won’t want to miss from the company that brought you The Sea Plays, 2013Fair Maid of the West, 2015, and Iphigenia at Aulis, 2017. Produced in collaboration with the Independence Seaport Museum.

$25 / 140 minutes

Written by John Fletcher & Philip Massinger Directed by Dan Hodge Cast Linnea Bond as Crocale, Andrew Criss as Tibalt, Cameron DelGrosso as Albert, Nathan Foley as Sebastian, Joel Guerrero as Franville, Stephanie Hodge as Aminta, Eli Lynn as Raimondo, Eric Mills as LaMure, Kimie Muroya as Clarinda, Yajaira Paredes as Rosellia, and Natajia Sconiers as Juletta Fight Director Eli Lynn Production Manager Elizabeth Miesenzahl

About PAC

At the PAC we’re dedicated to creating unique theatrical events that celebrate our humanity: through the lens of rare classical theater, and through multidisciplinary, site-specific collaboration. We stage our plays with engaging and visceral clarity, presenting classical stories full of human complexity that bring audiences to the edge of their seats. Through interdisciplinary presentations of rare classical plays in non-traditional venues, we strive to reach an ever-growing and more engaged audience, challenge assumptions of classical theater, and enrich the Philadelphia cultural community. PAC is built by Philadelphia artists who are vital and active members of the Philadelphia theater community as actors, directors, teachers and coaches. The projects that PAC embarks upon are entirely built by Philadelphia talent. All designers, crew, and actors are based in and around the city. Our partnerships with various arts organizations all have Philadelphia at their core.

In our history, we have paired with the following organizations: Rosenbach (A Christmas Carol and The Rape of Lucrece); Athenaeum (An Open Rehearsal of Shakespeare Scenes); USS Olympia (Iphigenia at Aulis); National Constitution Center (Troilus & Cressida); Powell House (The Captive); Drexel University (Enemy of the People and Blood Wedding); Piffaro Renaissance Band (Life is a Dream and Ay Amor!) Through these pairings, PAC audiences mingle and intertwine with audiences of these organizations to create a rich mix of collaborative pieces that greatly enhance the cultural life of the city.

Previous Fringe Festival Performances:

2010 La Vida Es Sueno at Broad Street Ministry
2012 Creditors at The Franklin Inn Club
2013 The Sea Plays on Tall Ship Gazela at Penn’s Landing
2014 The Rape of Lucrece at Broad Street Ministry
2015 The Captive at The Hill-Physick House
2017 Iphigenia at Aulis on the USS Olympia at Penn’s Landing
2018 Mary Rose at The Woodlands Mansion and Cemetery

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2019 Fringe Festival Spotlight: Theater Classics in the Fringe

Posted August 27th, 2019

In creating something original and new, artists often look to the past. This year’s Fringe Festival includes a host of theatrical works based on the literary canon. Shakespeare! Homer! Ibsen! Brecht! It’s the classics, Fringe-style.

A Literal Doll House
This deconstruction of Henrik Ibsen’s A Doll House features the entire play acted out by a girl playing with literal dolls. Do not be fooled: There is more to this show than meets the eye. A struggle that rings true throughout the ages. This is not a one-woman show.
More info and tickets here

An Iliad
Jason Greenfield                           
This new adaptation by Lisa Peterson and Denis O’Hare based on Robert Fagles’s translation of The Iliad telescopes Homer’s Trojan War epic into a gripping monologue which captures both the heroism and horror of war. Crafted around the stories of Achilles and Hector, in language that is by turns poetic and conversational, An Iliad brilliantly refreshes this world classic. Directed and performed by Jason Greenfield.
More info and tickets here

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