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2016 Fringe Festival Spotlight: Solo shows

Posted September 11th, 2016

Taking on Fringe Festival audiences alone may sound like a daunting challenge, but these intrepid artists are doing just that. Check out some of the remarkable solo shows the 2016 Fringe Festival has to offer.

this info

(image by M. McCool)

THIS INFO WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE @ Skinner Studio at Plays & Players Theatre
Mary McCool

You are all here because you seek something. This is very special. In here, tonight, we will seek together… Profundity abounds in this mystical performance-comedy event written and performed by New Paradise Laboratories co-founder and Pig Iron Theatre Company regular, Mary McCool. Visit www.thisinfo.info and click here for more info and tickets.


(photo by Devon DiMatteo)


Walk to Topaz @ Mascher Space Cooperative
Brendan Tetsuo

Like a pebble dropped into a pond, this work begins with a reimagining of a young person’s walk into a Japanese Internment Camp. It then ripples outward exploring how this event impacts the lives of the succeeding generations, as they try to comprehend the weight of this experience on their existence and identity. More info and tickets here.



(photo by David Brick)

Speculum Diaries @ 1fiftyone gallery + art space
Irina Varina

A young woman’s solo about longing. For love, connection, home and understanding of oneself independent of those things. Told through personal/fictional narratives and some dance, it features among other things: an antique speculum found in a basement, babushka, “Brilliant Traces,” voice of Charlie Kaufman. More info and tickets here.

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Meet the dancers of Levée des conflits’ professional workshop, Pt. 1

Posted August 30th, 2016

On September 9th and 10th FringeArts and Drexel University’s Westphal College will present Levée des conflits, a dance in the round from world-renowned choreographer and dancer Boris Charmatz, as part of the 2016 Fringe Festival. Beginning September 7th, Westphal is hosting a series of lectures and workshops—professional and community—around the performances as part of a series dubbed Boris Charmatz: Dancing Dialogues, capped off with an informal performance from the professional workshop of 24 local dance artists. In anticipation, Dancing Dialogues has been profiling each participant and we’ll sharing their reflections on their craft here.

pamela heatherington

(photo by Anthony Dean)


Pamela Hetherington

“I’ve been able to do more choreography this past year because I built my own tap dance space in Brewerytown, it’s called Soundspace 1525. I really enjoy education, making tap dance accessible to people. I’m one of those people that, I’m not myself if I’m not working on a project. So I’m always coming up with something. Even if it didn’t become a show, I’m always practicing or putting something together, or calling someone up and being like we need to work on something.”



John Jarboe

“The kind of relationships I’m interested in building with the audience are very live, and insistent on their liveness. Like I’m not a cell phone, I’m sitting on your lap. If you say something I’ll hear you and I talk back even though this is scripted and we have a story. You are here in the room and that’s the kind of relationship I’m interested in. So it’s never quite complete until it’s been iterated, it’s a very iterative process, iterated with the audience. So it feels a little gastric, it feels a little animal. I write a lot of my lines with writing collaborators and almost memorize them. So it almost feels like being on the brink or being on the edge of a cliff sometimes.”


(photo by Tayarisha Poe)

Danielle Currica

“There are people who are doing daily devotional practices and really living inside of these art forms in a way that it is a part of their molecular structure. It’s really inside of them. I think what has influenced me have been people who are truly integrated into the artistic process. Where influence comes is when I come into contact with people who are truly integrated into whatever that artistic process or practice is for them. When it is a part of who they are and it’s how they function. By proxy, I have no choice but to go down that winding road with them and I come out the other side a more developed artist.”

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Artists & Their Coffee: Zornitsa Stoyanova

Posted May 11th, 2012

The artist with her bike, which has little to do with coffee.

Name: Zornitsa Stoyanova

Here[begin] Dance

Artistic occupation: Experimental movement artist, graphic and web designer.

First experience with coffee that made you understand coffee: I don’t think I ever “got it.” I understand the smell, the taste of good
coffee, but overall the indulgence of drinking too much coffee for me is
just another addiction.

Coffee you drink at home: 
My indulgent drink at home is David Rio’s Tortoise Green Tea Chai.

How do you like your coffee:
When I do drink it, I like it decaf, possibly Illi—the best coffee out
there without any funky bitter aftertaste. I like it with a lot of 2% milk.

Average no. of cups per day:
About 1 or 2 a month (only when I have a day off, as I crash from coffee so
hard, I need to sleep for hours or lounge in the sun).

Fave coffee shop:
 I haven’t found one in Philly yet to be
honest. I like more Euro type of places, either super design-y or something
like the cafés on the streets in Venice. Fancy small tables, little coffee
drinks and lots of interesting people walking around.
However, my favorite pub in Philly is hands down Grace Tavern.

Fave fancy coffee drink:
Vanilla latte.

Enough about coffee, what are you doing now?
 With my own company, I’m doing heavy research on performance qualities and presence with a group of super talented Philly dancers and actors. I also
have a new solo that was part of Falls Bridge Festival in January and which
I’m bringing to Europe this summer. I’ll be showing the piece at Mixed Grille
on May 26th. I’m also doing an awesome little site piece for Mascher Space
Cooperative that will be revealed soon and creating an atmosphere/lighting
design for Katherine Stark’s new dance. The crazy videos I take of myself dancing and all the rest of the weird engagements you can check out at www.herebegindance.com.