FringeArts depends on over 200 volunteers to support our small staff year-round, and it wouldn’t be possible without you! Email volunteer@FringeArts.com with your interest and availability!


Stay involved through year-round programming, Scratch Night, and other special events.

  • Ushers: Help with seating, foot traffic
  • Ticket Sellers: Sell or scan tickets at the door
  • Snack and drink servers: Set-up tables and re-stock during event
  • Photographers: Take photos of patrons and events


Festival volunteers are able to trade shifts for vouchers to Festival shows. Below are some of the important roles that Festival volunteers help fill.

  • Distribution: Guide and postcard distribution all over the city
  • Ushers: Take tickets, hand out programs at shows + help house manager as needed
  • Ticket Sellers: Sell tickets for a single performance
  • Fire Watch: Sit at fire exits + provide evacuation assistance in the event of an emergency
  • Special Events: Bartend and/or serve food at receptions, parties + other events
  • Box Office Greeter: Sit outside of the Box Office and answer any questions about the Festival to those who pass by
  • Floaters: Help out in the volunteer office as needed

Email us if you would like to receive updates about volunteer opportunities, and you can join our Volunteer group on Facebook!