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REACTION + PHOTOS: Flesh and Blood and Fish and Fowl

Posted September 9th, 2008

Think Into the Wild meets Office Space. Created and performed by Charlotte Ford and Geoff Sobelle, Flesh and Blood and Fish and Fowl is a hilarious and creepy vision of natural forces slowly taking over an exhausted and obsolete white-collar world. Surprises abound in this show, which puts taxidermy, an array of 70’s-era projectors, and the incredible physical comedy of Sobelle and Ford to great use. Dead leaves erode the bottom of a filing cabinet. Gigantic grass blades poke through the water fountain. A badger slinks by your cubicle. Or is it a ground hog? A weasel? Can I touch it? Be careful. In this bizarre dystopia, hand sanitizer and sticky notes won’t save you.

<%image(20080909-FBFF_Geoff web.jpg|350|233|Jacques-Jean Tiziou/>After I got a sneak peak of Flesh and Blood and Fish and Fowl this afternoon, I huddled under my umbrella as rain from Hurricane Hanna pelted West Philadelphia. In Clark Park, a whirl of leaves fell on a small group of people, leftover from the weekly Capture the Flag game, who wagged Styrofoam swords in the air. I laughed and hurried home.

–Rebecca Steffy

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Flesh and Blood and Fish and Fowl opens tonight! Click here for scheduling and ticket information.

These photos were taken by JJ Tiziou. Visit JJ’s website at