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Tonight: Streaming Dance

Posted June 18th, 2009

Did you think The A.W.A.R.D. Show! 2009 was just a Philly thing? Oh no, it’s also in three more cities around the country: Chicago, New York, and Seattle. Of course, you can only catch the Philly lineup here in town, at the Live Arts Festival.

But tonight is the official launch of the show, with the first New York City competition beginning at 7:00 pm. Visit the Joyce Theater website starting at 6:55 pm Eastern Time this evening, tomorrow, Saturday, and Sunday, and you can catch the performances from afar. The finalist from each night will be announced on the Joyce website by 11:00 am the next morning, and the winner of it all will be announced after Sunday night’s final performance.

Be glad it’s online, because if it keeps raining, you know you’re probably not going to be leaving the house.

–Nicholas Gilewicz