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tiny more.

Posted July 10th, 2009

Courtesy of Headlong Dance Theater‘s making more. blog, here’s a behind-the-scenes look at the nascent stages of the more. set design for the Live Arts Festival this fall.

Set designer Maiko Matsushima took some photos of the scale model she built of the set. (This is the Arts Bank, complete with center door and balcony.) It’s brilliant having a scale model, and allows you to visualize all sorts of things without spending a ton of money to actually acquire the stuff.

Maiko and I (Andrew) worked on the progression of the space, what happens with the stuff in the space. Now that we know this, we can move to finalizing the order of the choreography.

1) At the beginning of more, performers bring furniture (gradually) and set up the living room.

2) The living room exists. For a while.

3) Birch trees are brought in.

4) The living room is taken apart and piled into a heap. The trees become a horse fence. The black marley floor is peeled back to reveal a shiny green surface.

5) The peeled back floor with the junk, the dancers, and some dirt.

–Andrew Simonet

Photos by Maiko Matsushima, courtesy of Headlong Dance Theater