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Fringe Limerick(s): Where Do We Go From Here? by This Thing of Ours

Posted July 30th, 2009

In a struggling economy, what do our best and brightest recent grads produce? Comedy! And limericks! GNP is going up up up!

Alumni of Swarthmore’s Boy Meets Tractor, This Thing of Ours is going to present Where Do We Go From Here? as part of the extensive comedy lineup at this year’s Philly Fringe. Without further ado, their limericks, rhymed with their name:

Our fringe show was lacking in puns
So we chose to start limericking ones
And though some have contentions
With limerick conventions
We found jokes on our name were quite fun.

My florist is named Steven Bowers
Sells bouquets for all parties and showers
But roses he scorns
‘Cause he can’t stand the thorns –
He’ll cry out, “Ah! The sting of flowers.”

The gov ran for veep of the nation
Then returned and gave her resignation
Her reasons confused
“Has she got loose screws?”
People asked, and thus, then-gov glowers.

After the jump: the stink of food and the stink of scandal!

After picnicking on some fine cheese
We took naps in the warm summer breeze
But in time the hot air
Took its toll on our fare
And we woke to it: the stink of hours.

When bees are bored during rain showers,
They compete to inflict pain for hours.
Said Tom, walking by
“Where do all these bees fly?
Could this be a sting-off? ARRRRHHS!!?”

Our bakery used processed grains
But that earned us a lot of complaints
“It’s unhealthy,” they’d cry
And that’s finally why
Our kitchen stopped resisting whole flours

My workplace abounded with scandal
In fact, more than our bosses could handle
Finally we were told
“This behavior’s grown old –
Please, at least do your trysting off-hours!”

Got a limerick or haiku about your Fringe show? Send it my way – nicholas[at]pafringe[dot]com.

–Nicholas Gilewicz