Go Deeper

Media! And Press!

Posted August 31st, 2009

>>>Whoa! Check out’s Live Arts/Fringe readers’ recommendations. Send a text from your mobile phone to 87884, begin your message with @wif6862, and your suggestions for the Festival will cycle through this crazy Flash animation they have up.

>>>Howard Shapiro has a big piece in the Inquirer on how our relationship with cold hard cash has emerged as a theme running through much of this year’s Live Arts Festival & Philly Fringe.

>>>The Baltimore Sun, the paper of record for our scrappy neighbor to the south, wants to send its people our way on a day trip, and Philly2Philly picks the Festival as one of the top cultural events of the fall.

>>>Put the kids to bed! This week, Rep Radio is adult content all the way. Includes a segment on 4PLAY, which features a short play from our very own Information Manager and Copywriter Emeritus, Josh McIlvain!

>>>Double whoa! Geoff Sobelle (Welcome to Yuba City)is scheduled to be on Fox29’s “Good Day Philadelphia” to talk about the “Turn Your Cell Phone On!” campaign. Via cell phone ranking, audience members give you the straight dope, live, while they’re at the show. Hey performers, the pressure’s on! (But we know you’ll deliver.)

–Nicholas Gilewicz