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Fringe Limericks: Shakesploitation II: Iambic Boogaloo by Iron Age Theatre

Posted September 2nd, 2009

Cobra Commander (a character in Shakesploitation II: Iambic Boogaloo), sticks with the bawdy tradition of the limerick. He sends in two. Totally inappropriate!

There once was a man from Verona
Who had trouble achieving a bone-a.
But Juliet was Viagra;
Made him jizz like Niagara!

Now Romeo won’t be a lone-a.

There once was a douche named Serpentor
Who’s sex life became a complete bore.
He sent away for a toy
That would give him such joy:

An inflatable G.I. Joe doll/whore! (with Kung-Fu grip)

Serpentor’s a dirty boy. Want to know more? Check out the video blog at, and catch Shakesploitation II: Iambic Boogaloo at 941 Theater in Northern Liberties starting September 5. It runs for a total of eight performances, all three weekends of Philly Fringe.

–Nicholas Gilewicz

Image credit: Geraldine Glisson