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What the Philly Metro doesn’t know (yet!)

Posted January 29th, 2010

From Philly Metro, Thursday, January 28, 2010:

“Reasons it was fun to live, work, and play in Philly
Why have we all had such a good time in Philly over the past decade? Here’s just 10 of the reasons for it

#1 Tables turned: Thanks to powerhouses such as Stephen Starr; Marc Vetri; Jose Garces and Michael Solomonov, not even New York can pretend we don’t have a dining scene to reckon with these days.

#3 Philadelphia Live Arts/Philly Fringe festival: This gigantic gathering of local, international, amateur and professional artists has been kicking since 1997, but it gets a little bigger, a little weirder, and a little more can’t-miss every year.”

But here’s what the Metro doesn’t know (yet!): Those powerhouse restaurateurs are in partnership with this year’s festival, to bring you Feastival.

For more info on what will be the #1 reason it’s fun to live, work, and play in Philly in 2010, CLICK HERE