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The Weekender: What You’re Doing And Why

Posted June 4th, 2010

Mother dog! What is up with this awesome weekend?

>>>Right now (literally, right now), the Non-Commvention. Triple A radio, the format that gives you XPN, celebrates with a bunch of shows and stuff through tomorrow.
>>>First Friday of course, and Space 1026 looks especially promising this month. Sounds like a good party for the opening of “Some People I Met Rolling Around On The Ground” which includes nearly every artist ever, and affiliated bands. Just kidding. But there are really a lot of folks. It’s more like a mob show than a group show.
>>>Swim Pony opens Survive!, as mentioned earlier in the week, and Nice People’s Love Jerry opens too (but tonight’s sold out!).

>>>In our very own ‘hood, the Liberty Lands Spring Music Festival and Flea Market, basically all day. $10 cups, which you then fill with beer. It is excellent.
>>>Since I can’t make it, if you’re out in Collegeville, you should stop by the Berman Museum of Art for the opening reception for “Smooth Cartographies: Toward a Collective Becoming,” a solo show by digital artist and Basekamp member Greg Scranton, who tools around with GPS and RFIDs (those little things in the cards that let you into your office building, track pallets of goods for Wal-Mart, and eventually, you). Give Greg my regards!
>>>As per below, Flashpoint Theatre‘s fundraiser should be fun. A bunch of people you know, like Brett, Chris Morse (Rep Radio), and Janice Rowland (former Live Arts Fringe colleague and awesome singer/actress hi Janice!) have already RSVP’d. 5:00 pm.
>>>And Roots Picnic, of course. A big reason I’m going is to see Ghostface, Method Man, and Raekwon, which will be the greatest number of Wu Tang members I’ve seen in one place since 1997 when they couldn’t keep their acts together enough to stay on tour with Rage Against the Machine, and later that tour were replaced by The Roots. Whoa! The circle of life.

>>>You know, I heard about something going on on Sunday, but I can’t remember what it is. I’m sorry, Sunday! [ten minute break in writing while I try to figure it out] Oh yay, I remembered! It’s Feastivale! The 2010 Philadelphia GLBT Arts Festival! It doesn’t get going in earnest until Thursday, June 10, but Sunday night is the opening celebration at St. Luke’s, 330 South 13th St. We’ve got an interview with Greg Bowers (pictured here as Ginger Moloko) about drag and identity planned for next week. In the meantime, he made me promise to plug The Women, which, unless I’m mistaken, will feature an all-drag cast. Whatever would Henry have thought!

See you next week, kids!

–Nicholas Gilewicz

Photo courtesy of Greg Bowers