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PSA: Monday Night Club Showcase Is Dedicated To You, Festival Folks

Posted June 25th, 2010

Hey festival artists, this public service announcement is for you (and you crazy kids who can’t get enough of what is turning into crazy-pants preview summer—question though, at what point do previews themselves become a season? I digress). Need a place to showcase your stuff, work out some kinks, reach some new folks? First one of these jawns is Monday night, so here you go:

A.D. Amorosi here. As the curator emeritus of the Monday Night Club—a weekly free hang/live event for musicians, theater folk, film makers, poets, comedians, writers, performance artists—I’d like to welcome you not only to the 2010 Philadelphia Live Arts Festival and Philly Fringe.

I’d like to ready you for the Monday Night Club’s once-a-month gathering officially dedicated to and for you—the Fringe/Live Arts performer and enthusiast—to hang out, to present works in progress, to test out bits of your projects with your friends watching and to promote your up-coming works. That’s why we call this the Live Arts-Fringe Fest Get-to-Know-U jamboree: a sort-of open mic open to all-y’all.

The Monday Night Club is held weekly from 9 p.m. at National Mechanics at 22 S. 3rd St in historic Old City where the Fringe Fest first started some 137 years ago. I wrote PR for the fest with a quill. Heady days, those. That said, the bar/restaurant has cheap drinks and food, a stage space/sound board/house PA/mics/DVD projector, player and movie-theater-size screen for your performance needs and wants.

The Live Arts-Fringe Fest Get-to-Know-U jamborees offer you the time and space to do your thing. The dates are Monday June 28, Monday July 26 and Monday August 23—the fourth Monday of every month. Your host of hosts will be Needles Jones, a Philadelphia performance art legend and a mainstay of Fringe Fests past.

WE WANT YOU TO GET ON BOARD FOR ALL OF THESE EVENTS AS EARLY AS POSSIBLE: read a monologue, do a dance, enact a scene, show clips of your multimedia work, sings songs from your show. IT’S ALL YOURS.


A.D. at divaland[at]aol[dot]com
Needles Jones at needlesjones[at]gmail[dot]com and

Plus our good friend JCP at Drugbunny Booking: drugbunnybooking[at]gmail[dot]com

Or hit ’em up on FACEBOOK and get on board for one event OR all three.

We love you,
The Monday Night Club