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New Funding Opportunity: Micro-grants From Philly Stake

Posted August 13th, 2010

Have you ever thought, “Why doesn’t somebody combine locally sourced community dinners with arts funding?” No? Neither have I.

But the folks at Philly Stake did. On September 19, they’ll host the first of a series of roving dinners (this one’s at People Employing People) to raise money for micro-grants to support Philadelphia arts and culture.

The way it works:
>>>Starting today, artists can submit proposals to Philly Stake.
>>>The first 15 proposals that meet their criteria will get to pitch their projects.
>>>Artists present at a community dinner.
>>>Diners spend $10 to $20 for a sliding scale ticket to dinner (cash only, they say).
>>>Diners hear out the presenters, and vote for the one they like best.
>>>Whomever gets the most votes gets all the money raised by the dinner.

That’s it! Looking for small-scale funding, or want to have a voice in a giving a grant while eating a tasty meal? Check out Philly Stake.

–Nicholas Gilewicz