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The Week Ahead

Posted August 13th, 2010

You’re today’s big winner! You might not think so because we skipped The Weekender, but you seriously need to rest up for next week:

>>>Today, and through August 29: New York Fringe, if you’re New York way. The New York Times gives an overview of their festival. After checking it out, come home into our loving arms and tell us how great we are, and how you won’t leave us ever again. We’ll forgive you.

>>>Sunday: In high school, I skipped the New York Math League finals to go to my prom. Looking back, it was the wrong decision. Anyway, need a date for Sunday night? Let’s go to Brat Productions’ music video shoot. In October, they’re doing a comedic adaptation of Carrie—yes, that Carrie—and upstairs at RUBA is going to be all 1979-styled prom night. We’ll be extras, and yes, the bar will be open. Erik Ransom (pictured), the star, has written a theme song for the show, and the Scott Johnston-shot video will get out into the world next month. Like Ol’ Dirty Bastard, you wanna see some blood, right? RSVP on Facebook, or by email to 9:00 pm, RUBA Hall, 414 Green Street, Northern Liberties.

>>>Monday: Boom, Philly Fringe preview night is back at Plays and Players on Monday, and each Monday until the Festivals start. This week’s lineup:
Mindless Drivel from Reap Productions
Hear Again Radio Project
The Play “Ben” from the Historical Theatre Acting Group
Sephro from Quinn Compositions
Between Trains from Gas & Electric Arts
The preview takes place at Plays and Players, 1714 Delancey Place, Rittenhouse Square. $12.

You think that’s it? Friend, you’re sadly mistaken. Click “more” and Josh McIlvain will pitch you on his FUNdraiser, find out about the next free film in the Dance series, and, um, more!

>>>Tuesday: Need more Gas & Electric? Head to their open studio showing of Between Trains, where you’ll see previews of scenes and songs, and director Lisa Jo Epstein will talk about their approach to physical theater. 7:00 pm, 1151 North Third Street, Northern Liberties. Free, but please RSVP by calling 215-407-0556 or email

>>>Wednesday: Festival copywriter and editor emeritus Josh McIlvain (pictured) also happens to be a very funny playwright. He’s back at Fringe this year, with the humbly named Boat Hole: another evening of outrageous short comedies by Josh McIlvain. But he needs money! So he insists you come to his fundraiser, which he also insists is a FUNdraiser. He’s a writer, so I’ll let him try to convince you:

Enjoy . . . $2 Yuenglings, cash bar & free snacks!
Enjoy . . . 1-time only performance of Cab Ride to Quigs featuring Steve Lippe, Jennifer Summerfield and Josh McIlvain
Enjoy . . . a special performance of The Boss’s Daughter (Best Men’s Monologues for the 21st Century, Applause Books) featuring Thomas DeMarcus (star of the National Tour of The Pajama Game)
Enjoy . . . Sexcop performance of “Murray from Minnesota”!
Enjoy . . . sneak peek of Boat Hole from the upcoming 2010 Philly Fringe show!
Enjoy . . . bad poetry slam—write some bad poetry and read it onstage (2-minute limit, best bad poem wins a secret prize—bad celebrity poetry also allowed)!
Enjoy . . . meeting the Boat Hole cast and having deep conversation!
Enjoy . . . the world’s cheapest fundraiser and no annoying auctions and no other begging for money!

Hey, doesn’t sound so bad! 7:00 pm, $10 advance (click here to give him money) or at the door, Quig’s Pub at Plays and Players, 1714 Delancey Place, Rittenhouse Square.

>>>Thursday: It’s already Thursday? God, how did that happen? Anyway, I’ll see you at the Dance film series, where we get to explore the life and work of Lucinda Childs and collaborators before diving into Dance at the Live Arts Festival. This film, Lucinda Childs is the first cinematic look back at Childs’s career, and includes interviews with some people of whom you might know, such as Mikhail Baryshnikov, Philip Glass, Susan Sontag, and Robert Wilson. 7:00 pm, International House, 3701 Chestnut Street, University City. Free, but do RSVP to us at

>>>Thursday: You’re obv going to see Lucinda Childs, right? But in case you’re stuck across town and can’t make it, try to stop by the Birchtree Catering launch party. It features summer appetizers from Birchtree (who, in the shameless plug department, are also catering our opening night party), beer and wine, raffles, and a host of local vendors to talk to about meeting your party needs. Did I mention it’s free? 6:00 to 9:00 pm, Fleisher Art Memorial, 719 Catherine Street. Is that Bella Vista or Society Hill? I feel like whichever I write, I’m wrong. Let’s make everybody angry and just say South Philly.

Now you’re all set for next week! See how easy that was? Now, staggered by my own scheduling genius, I’m going to mix a drink. See you soon!

–Nicholas Gilewicz

Photo of Josh McIlvain by Deborah Crocker.