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Live Arts Festival Chatter

Posted August 16th, 2010

A couple items worth your while:

Before Cankerblossom rocks Christ Church at the Philadelphia Live Arts Festival, Pig Iron’s spend this weekend finding out whether it will play in Peoria La Jolla. Sarah Laeuchli, the La Jolla Playhouse‘s artistic intern (she’s also serving as script assistant on their production of Cankerblossom), had this to say about getting ready for the weekend:

“Right now everyone is working together to make sure all of the physical elements are in place. The set (which is made entirely out of cardboard) is being decorated with cardboard gears and cardboard pipes. One of the actors is wearing a cardboard vest and cardboard glasses. Backstage, people are putting the finishing touches on animal masks, wigs and giant bear claws. As I sign off now, I’m going backstage to join them in the construction of a cardboard baby’s bottle.”

And look at that! Pig Iron rears its head again, along with Headlong Dance Theater (we’re screening the doc about More titled No One Else Could Love You More), in this piece by Lauren Dubowski for our friends at Culturebot. Headlong and Pig Iron have both started performance training programs, and Lauren has the inside look at how the dance-theater hybrid scene here is going to benefit. My summary won’t do the thorough piece justice, so go read it.

–Nicholas Gilewicz