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Live Arts Festival TV: “TAKES”

Posted August 31st, 2010

TAKES, the much-anticipated new dance from Nichole Canuso Dance Company, opens on Friday. The dance takes place in a four-walled space where the echoes of a room are set up. The the walls are 10-foot by 20-foot scrims projecting a live feed, variably delayed, of the characters danced by Dito Van Reigersberg and Nichole Canuso.

Very cool, right? The cube is gorgeous in person. And if you want to play in the cube yourself, you can. Reservations here—it’s free. The show, though? You gotta pay. Sorry!

TAKES runs throughout the festival, Theater West at The Hub, 626 North 5th Street, Northern Liberties. Dates and times vary, $25 to $30. For details and tickets, click here.

–Nicholas Gilewicz