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Posted September 10th, 2010

Apparently, that’s what we sent out to make these things happen.

>>>Holy cow, does Toby Zinman love ¡EL CONQUISTADOR! The money quote, I kid you not, is “This is exactly the kind of show the Live Arts Festival is for—don’t miss it!” Is that even legal?

>>>The run is over, so too bad for you, but Lauren Dubowski shared her enjoyment of CHICKEN with the readers of our friends at Culturebot.

>>>Leah Franqui is blogging about performance at Staged, working towards filling a glaring gap in the Philly blogosphere. Yesterday, she weighed in with some thoughts on TAKES. [Editorial aside, or, more like a question: is it me, or do we have a lot of shows with all-caps titles? WHY IS THAT? NO, I WON’T STOP YELLING! –NG.]

>>>Megalo feature on Stew and the Negro Problem from Philadelphia Weekly. I learned the word “megalo” from the Associated Press Stylebook, FYI. Also, we sort of dominate their Arts and Culture calendar.

>>>Edge has an interview with Brian Sanders, and praises the risk-taking in FREEDOM CLUB.

>>> has a nice feature up about Cosmic Terrarium, just down the street from our office!

>>>The Inquirer reviews some shows on the Fringe tip (and a bit on 8 as well). They find solid shows and a lot of promise, go Fringe!

>>>The Examiner writes about Live Arts and Fringe shows incorporating Latino elements and experiences.

>>>It ain’t local, but I’ll claim it: Time Out New York interviews Jérôme Bel about Cédric Andrieux and Cédric Andrieux. Also, The New York Times plugs Cédric Andrieux and Dance.

>>>And on the local tip, a feature on Lucinda Childs in City Paper, nice!

>>>Phillyist does their thing, with reviews here and here and here.

>>>The Jewish Exponent dives into the fray via an interview with Susan Stein, the woman behind the one-woman show Etty.

>>>We’ve got something for everybody, and everybody likes it that way. MetroKids serves up some family-friendly festival picks.

Is that it, Philly? There’s gotta be more. We’ll check back in soon.

–Nicholas Gilewicz