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Beth Nixon and the Cardboard Consciousness at First Person Blog

Posted September 13th, 2010

Thinking about queuing up for those first-come-first-served pillow seats to the otherwise sold-out run of Cankerblossom? Karina Kacala, our former volunteer coordinator who, for the past year, has been cheating on us with First Person Arts (whose First Person Festival is coming up in November), just talked to Beth Nixon about the remarkable work she’s done creating the world of the show.

“Whimsy exists in Beth Nixon’s world even when she’s washing dishes, chatting on the phone with a complete stranger. Such were the circumstances surrounding our interview on Wednesday, and yet we still entered a world with anteaters aboard buses, otherworldly childbirth and donkeys making tea.”

For more, check out the First Person Blog. For pillow seats, you gotta head over to Christ Church and get in line—they’re only sold at the door.

–Nicholas Gilewicz