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Posted June 14th, 2011

Hey, it’s me! I can’t believe they brought me back after last year’s debacle with Josh McIlvain and the “maudlin”/”Stalin” argument. Especially because if you Google “Josh McIlvain” and “Stalin” you find our series “Misquoted: A Parody.” Might he have a santorum problem? We’ll see what happens when he enters the Republican presidential race when tickets for his 2011 Philly Fringe show DEER HEAD go on sale. I should note that we now sit on opposite sides of a two-foot-thick brick wall.

More about the blog! For the 2011 Live Arts Festival and Philly Fringe, your intrepid blog team will produce some videos (fancy!), demand limericks, haiku, and ASCII self-portraits from Philly Fringe performers (silly!), investigate unique Philadelphia venues (awesome!), and create havoc all around (destructive!). We’re not really that destructive, actually.

More about me! That conference room is located in the city hall of Asheville, North Carolina, and named not for me, but for my uncle. I recently moved to South Philly, where a nice woman named Gina saved the life of one of my cats, who escaped last week and was pretty badly injured. Sometimes, I wear my cats like a vest:

You can follow me on Twitter at @GilewiczReview (I get more active as the blog kicks into gear) and you can email me at my brand-spanking-new email address, NickG[at]livearts-fringe[dot]org. Email me with tips, tricks, videos, events, and nice things.

–Nicholas Gilewicz