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Artists & Their Coffee: Amy Smith

Posted April 30th, 2012

When Amy forgets to drink coffee.

 Amy Smith

Company: Headlong Dance Theater

Artistic occupation:
Co-director of above [and choreographer and dancer]

First experience with coffee that made you understand coffee: Living in Seattle in 1990, and having espresso for the first time. In the mornings I would drink a quadruple shot of espresso and then go to my shitty job at a record store.

Coffee you drink at home:
Starbucks from the ACME, or if we are lucky Blue Bottle (from SF) or Bucklyn (from Brooklin, ME).

How you like your coffee:
Half and half, no sugar

Average no. of cups per day:

Fave coffee shop: Old school = La Colombe, New School = Ultimo.

Fave fancy coffee drink: Dry cappuccino.

What’s the most inappropriate thing a barista has ever said to you?
 “You look tired.”

Enough about coffee, what are you doing now?
Getting ready for Desire, a new trio for Andrew Simonet, David Brick, and myself, directed by Elizabeth Stevens. May 4-6 at the Performance Garage.