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No Snooze in This News

Posted September 10th, 2012

Spooky spooktacular! Not really. But after the jump, coverage of Fringe in cemeteries, my friend Cherri interviews Jumatatu Poe for KYW, some top picks from our media posse, and more. Rounding up the roundups again, here we go:

>>>Worlds collide, as they always do in the illadelph! My old classmate Cherri Gregg (hi Cherri!) covers Private Places for KYW. Listen here. Nice feature on Jumatatu in today’s Daily News as well.

>>>This Town is a Mystery makes the Huffington Post! Great piece on the same in City Paper too.

>>>Toby Zinman finds Bang hilarious over at the Inquirer. And the Inky review crew offers up their best bets for the fests. And Wendy Rosenfeld rounds up some picks for kids.

>>>Huge interview with Nick Stuccio over at Phawker.

>>>Nudity coverage sub-roundup: Banging in the Broad Street Review, Lew Whittington covers our sexy sexy pants for Edge, Molly Eichel uncovers us for the Daily News, and I’m running out of puns for Monica Weymouth’s coverage of the same for Metro.

>>>Bruce Sterling plugs Open Air in Wired.

>>>At City Paper, Deni Kasrel covers the large-scale work of Le Grand Continental and The Gate Reopened

>>>Dan Rothenberg talks to Culturebot about Zero Cost House. And don’t forget to scope Alex Torra’s diary about Pig Iron’s Japanese travels.

>>>Lewis Whittington talked to Sylvain Emard and Nick Stuccio about Le Grand Continental for The Dance Journal on Friday. So sad it was one weekend only, no?

>>>Geekadelphia likes Red-eye to Havre de Grace.

>>>You want theremin in the crypts of Laurel Hill Cemetery, or a graveyard cabaret? Newsworks has got you covered.

>>>Mother of god, this is a lot of formatting.

>>>Philebrity has a five-step “sensible person’s guide to the Fringe.” It’s actually pretty sensible, especially #3. Quoth the Sweeney: “All Philadelphia citizens have an obligation to get absolutely shitface-drunk at the Festival Bar at least once during the Festival’s run.”

>>>Bruce Walsh offers up his picks in Metro.

>>>Someday, we’ll find it, the Swarthmore, connection. Wait, it’s everywhere.

>>>uwishunu picks its top ten best bets for dance.

>>>Biiiig feature in today’s ‘burban Times Herald. Also in from the wilds, the DelCo Daily Times finds their local connections.

>>>Debra Miller likes Return Return Departure over at Stage. Walter Bender digs Bang in the same.

>>>Will it ever stop? Yo, I don’t know. Turn off the lights, and I’ll glow.

>>>CBS Philly has some pics from Le Grand Continental for you.

>>>John Vettese of XPN’s “The Key” keys in on 27.

–Nicholas Gilewicz