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Artists & Their Coffee: Zornitsa Stoyanova

Posted May 11th, 2012

The artist with her bike, which has little to do with coffee.

Name: Zornitsa Stoyanova

Here[begin] Dance

Artistic occupation: Experimental movement artist, graphic and web designer.

First experience with coffee that made you understand coffee: I don’t think I ever “got it.” I understand the smell, the taste of good
coffee, but overall the indulgence of drinking too much coffee for me is
just another addiction.

Coffee you drink at home: 
My indulgent drink at home is David Rio’s Tortoise Green Tea Chai.

How do you like your coffee:
When I do drink it, I like it decaf, possibly Illi—the best coffee out
there without any funky bitter aftertaste. I like it with a lot of 2% milk.

Average no. of cups per day:
About 1 or 2 a month (only when I have a day off, as I crash from coffee so
hard, I need to sleep for hours or lounge in the sun).

Fave coffee shop:
 I haven’t found one in Philly yet to be
honest. I like more Euro type of places, either super design-y or something
like the cafés on the streets in Venice. Fancy small tables, little coffee
drinks and lots of interesting people walking around.
However, my favorite pub in Philly is hands down Grace Tavern.

Fave fancy coffee drink:
Vanilla latte.

Enough about coffee, what are you doing now?
 With my own company, I’m doing heavy research on performance qualities and presence with a group of super talented Philly dancers and actors. I also
have a new solo that was part of Falls Bridge Festival in January and which
I’m bringing to Europe this summer. I’ll be showing the piece at Mixed Grille
on May 26th. I’m also doing an awesome little site piece for Mascher Space
Cooperative that will be revealed soon and creating an atmosphere/lighting
design for Katherine Stark’s new dance. The crazy videos I take of myself dancing and all the rest of the weird engagements you can check out at