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Slightly Less Mysterious: Headlong’s 2012 Live Arts Show

Posted July 18th, 2012

At the 2012 Live Arts Festival, Headlong Dance Theater is taking it way indoors with This Town is a Mystery. Motivated by the fight against urban anonymity, this performance takes place in four different Philadelphia households, performed by the families that live therein. To get us started down this path, the show’s blog introduces us to the families. So far, we have the Bosticks (listen to them tell you Bostick must-knows here), and see if you agree with statements like this from the Aryadareis:

Mine too! Stay tuned for Headlong’s posts on the next two families, and see who you might want to have dinner with—after these folks welcome you into their home for a show, you’re going to sit down to eat together. Because breaking bread together is a great way to solidify intimacy and neighborliness, after all.

–Nicholas Gilewicz

Headlong Dance Theater returns to the 2012 Live Arts Festival with This Town is a Mystery in September. Tickets on sale soon.