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Pig Iron School Wants You!

Posted July 24th, 2013

Pig Iron School for Advanced Performance Training may not have a name that rolls off the tongue as easily as say, Yale, but if this year’s initial program graduates are any indication, the school may well become the source for Philly’s most talented, well-rounded, and innovative theater artists. The 2-year program in physical and ensemble-driven performance starts anew with a new class this fall and they are still taking applicants!

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Having seen some of the students showings, as well as having talked to the students themselves who seemed thrilled by the experience (to the point of not actually believing that such a program exists lest someone take it away from them), I can only say apply to this awesome program and resource! I would, but I have 2 young children and responsibilities.

Visit for  information about curriculum, faculty, scheduling, and financial aid, as well as the 2013 catalogue and application forms. Time is running out! So if you plan to apply they are asking that you send them a brief email expressing your interest to assume this way they know your application is coming, but it also gives you a little time to properly write your cover letter with finesse and carefully structured sentences about your artistic passion.)

Do it!