Go Deeper Fringe Festival 2016 Spotlight: Philadelphia Museums in the Fringe

Fringe Festival 2016 Spotlight: Philadelphia Museums in the Fringe

Posted August 17th, 2016

Museums come to life in these upcoming Fringe shows! Be sure to catch them all before the exhibits run away.

The Eumenides @ The Penn Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology


White Box Theater, directed by Marcia Ferguson

Third in Aeschylus’ classic Oresteia trilogy, performed amidst extraordinary ancient artifacts in Penn’s Museum. A story about mother-murder, the foundations of our juried justice system, and shifts in world order—gorgeous, and elegant, a substantial work. More info and tickets here.

Colored Girls Museum Presents A Good Nights Sleep_The Colored Girls MuseumThe Colored Girls Museum Presents: A Good Nights Sleep

The Colored Girls Museum

The Colored Girls Museum is an apostate arts colony, headquartered in the backwoods of Germantown. Settled by a collective of nomadic travelers, the Colored Girls Museum (CGM) re-imagines the museum as an imaginative & restorative temple that nurtures and celebrates the “Ordinary, Extraordinary Colored Girl.” More info and tickets here.


Room 21 @ the Barnes Foundation


Jace Clayton

This site-specific performance is an inspired musical response to the artworks of Room 21 at the Barnes Foundation and Albert Barnes’ extensive record collection. The actual Room 21 displays an eclectic mix of Pennsylvania German furniture, Modigliani’s painting Reclining Nude from the Back, African masks, religious works, and paintings by Barnes students. Composer Jace Clayton (also known as DJ /rupture) plays on ideas of adjacency between vastly different artists and cultures. Carefully choreographed, Clayton’s concert rewards roaming through the performance, much like visitors roam through the art collection. More info and tickets here.

En Mer Avec Louise Bourgeois: A Thundering Notion @ Elfreth’s Alley

Michelle Beshaw and Deborah Beshaw-Farrell

A work in progress that will explore associations between Bourgeois’ biography and visual vernacular and my own.  Playing with puppets, toys, and other objects. The piece will travel across time and space moving from a small courtyard off Elfreth’s Alley through the Alley to the Museum House. More info and tickets here.


Artship Olympia @ The Cruiser OlympiaPrint

Philadelphia Sculptors

When is a ship not a ship? When it is an “Artship!” “Warship” Olympia finds a new identity as she gets decked out by 17 artists in the makeover of the century. From mysterious to provocative to outright breathtaking, the site-specific installations surprise, enchant and even stare down at you from the pipes above! More info and tickets here.


milleniaMillennia @ the Da Vinci Art Alliance

Brad Ogden

We are selfish, unfeeling, unemployed narcissists; approval-seeking skeptics; tech addicts; parasites. We value brunch; identity capital; self-curation. We are slouching toward adulthood at a slow, highly individual pace because: We Are Special (every last one of us). Make room in the basement. #TheMillennialsAreComing 

More info and tickets here.

Shadow House @ the Powel House

Philadelphia Opera Collective & PhilaLandmarks shadowhouse_featuredimage

A man wants revenge. A woman needs answers. Two lovers meet and a divorcee hosts a garden party to discuss Nietzsche. Blurring timelines across 200 years, 11 characters’ mysteries become interlocked. The Philadelphia Opera Collective’s World Premiere uses opera and theater to craft an immersive space to explore.

More info and tickets here.