Go Deeper FringeArts Flash Debates Part 3

FringeArts Flash Debates Part 3

Posted April 4th, 2017

We’re back with our final installment of Flash Debates, in honor of The Society of Civil Discourse coming up on April 8th. This round, David and Sophia will be arguing the age-old Chipotle conundrum: burrito vs. burrito bowl

Burrito vs. Burrito Bowl

Burrito: David, Communications Intern

This isn’t even a question. How could anyone deny the importance and the deliciousness of the burrito? It’s a tiny gluten pillow filled with all of the warm (and probably unhealthy) goodies you could ask for.

You also don’t even need a fork; the tortilla is a perfect mode of transport for all of the delicious goodness inside. AND it keeps the contents at a nice temperature and melts the cheese some. Who doesn’t love melted cheese?

Look, I get it. You can make the argument that the burrito bowl is more food. But what is more objectively filling? A classic, no frills burrito.

Burrito BowlSophia, Development Coordinator

Here’s the thing about a burrito vs. burrito bowl at Chipotle. Any burrito bowl can be made into a burrito by getting a (FREE) tortilla on the side. You may ask, why not just have the experts construct the burrito for you? I’ll tell you why. Plain and simple: you get more food in the burrito bowl. Not only that but with a burrito bowl you can mix all the ingredients together before making your burrito so that there is equal distribution in every bite. There is nothing worse then taking a big bite of nothing but tortilla and sour cream in a burrito (I guess there are worse things than that, BUT STILL). A burrito is meant to be a tasty marriage of ingredients that co-mingle as one. A burrito bowl has versatility in ways that a burrito could never. Want to put a tortilla at the bottom of the bowl and have them fill in ingredients on top? Easy. Want to tear pieces of your tortilla and use them to scoop up the filling like chips? Done. When it comes down to it, you get more bank for your buck with the burrito bowl, and at the end of the day all we’re trying to do is take advantage and expose the weaknesses of capitalism, right?

Come see more debates like this at the Society of Civil Discourse on April 8th!