Go Deeper FREE Fringe Le Grand Continental dancers on the steps on the art museum in Philly

FringeArts Staff Picks for the 2018 Fringe Festival

Posted August 27th, 2018

The FringeArts staff really get to know the shows in each year’s Festival, chatting to the artists, writing about the shows, fielding calls, and making sure everything goes smoothly all Festival long. We asked some Fringers what they’re looking forward too this year.

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“I’m looking forward to Tania El Khoury’s collection of works ear-whispered: works by Tania El Khoury. With the intense conversation and policy changes surrounding immigration and asylum in this country, it is easy to forget real people with real stories are impacted. For that reason, El Khoury’s pieces are that much more timely.” —Sabrina Carter, Festival Communications Coordinator

“I am looking forward to Le Super Grand Continental. I think it represents the Fringe spirit so well: art in a non-traditional venue with non-professional artists coming together to create a magical dance party of all ages. It provides such a sense of community and fun, you can’t help but to be filled with joy.” —Melissa Bridge, Director of Finance and Administration

“Every time I see a photo or clip from Humans I am blown away at the physicality and emotional nature of the performance and performers. I had always associated circus with large tents and clown noses, but as the title of the show suggests, these performers are aiming at something larger. With no face paint, gaudy costumes, or elaborate set pieces, they have married several art forms all in the name of asking, ‘What does it mean to be human?’ I think watching their strong bodies communicate this vulnerable question will be a performance unlike any other in our festival.” —Sarah Dennis, Finance Associate and Office Manager

“I’m most excited for Caen Amour in the Festival! We’re so excited for Trajal and his team to be back in Philadelphia, and I believe his style and sensibilities meet this subject matter from a singular oblique. The scenic design and audience experience are very closely-entwined and rigorously considered. I can’t wait for you all to see it!” —Zach Blackwood, Artistic Producer

“We often forget that the big issues of our time profoundly affect individuals. The shows in ear-whispered: works by Tania El Khoury should bring us intimately close to human stories of displacement and migration.” —Christopher Munden, Guide and Information Manager & Blog Manager

“I’m really looking forward to Trey Lyford’s The Accountant. The concept may seem straightforward, but knowing Lyford’s work and his past collaborations with Geoff Sobelle (all wear bowlers, 2005; Amnesia Curiosa, 2006; and Elephant Room, 2011), and Sobelle’s incredible solo piece HOME just last year, I am sure this will be a memorable performance!” —Raina Searles, Marketing Manager

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