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Fringe Shows After the Fringe

Posted September 24th, 2018

The Fringe is over, long live the Fringe.

Though the 2018 Fringe Festival officially concluded yesterday, there are still numerous chances to see some Fringe this week. Here’s a selection of the continuing shows:

Ten highly-skilled acrobats, a bare stage, and a stirring journey of what it means to be human. Straddling the borders between circus arts, theater, and contemporary dance, Australia’s bold contemporary circus troupe Circa explores the expressive possibilities of the human body at its extremes.
Presented with Annenberg Center Live and NextMove Dance.
September 28 at 8pm
September 29 at 2pm
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Stories of Refuge
Tania El Khoury
Tania El Khoury and Petra Serhal from Beirut-based Dictaphone Group collaborated with a group of Syrian refugees who had recently arrived in Munich. They provided each person with a discreet camera for a day, the only instructions being to film their lives in Munich and their favourite spots in the city. Interviews with the refugees work as a soundscape over the footage they created. Audiences engage with the films from metal bunk beds, outfitted with mattresses and pillows.
Presented in partnership with Bryn Mawr College as part of ear-whispered: works by Tania El Khoury.
September 26-29 during gallery hours 11am–5pm
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Camp Pause
Tania El Khoury
For Camp Pause, Tania El Khoury and Abir Saksouk from Beirut-based Dictaphone Group worked with four residents of the Rashidieh Refugee Camp on the coast of Lebanon, south of the city of Tyre — a camp that has existed for generations. Reflecting on ideas of refuge and the sea that connects them to Palestine, these residents led the group from their homes to the sea. Along the way, the residents wove narratives about the history of the land, their arrival, the struggle to build, and life in a camp situated away from the city, bordered by agricultural fields, the sea, and a checkpoint. The four videos play simultaneously on the walls of a gallery space, each video and its accompanying audio following one story.
Presented in partnership with Bryn Mawr College as part of ear-whispered: works by Tania El Khoury.
September 24–December 14, Monday–Friday during gallery hours, noon–4:30pm
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Quiddity: Migration Patterns of Imaginary Things
J. Wolfgang Fry
Ideas form and dissipate. People move and imaginary things travel. Ideas, memes, concepts, and theories all move and grow, some grow old and obsolete, some grow strong and vibrant. Do ideas and concepts have a sense of self? What are the migration patterns of imaginary things? What is their essence?
September 25 at 7pm
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cocktail playsCocktail Plays
Juniper Productions
The 2017 Fringe Festival hit returns with a fresh set of plays and cast. Enjoy four short plays created by Philadelphia playwrights for an ensemble of three local actors. Plays paired with specially crafted cocktails at the gorgeous Philadelphia Distilling.
September 26 at 6pm + 8:30pm
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Metal + Kinds Indestructible Flowers
Lily Kind and Mark “Metal” Wong
Metal is unexpectedly soft. Kind is unabashedly sharp. Together, they present a collage of new solo work designed for folks secretly underwhelmed by new solo work. Metal and Kind are both multidisciplinary powerhouses working in and around social and folk dance, devised dance theater, and experimental storytelling.
September 29 + 30 at 7pm
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Simpatico Theatre Projectx: 4Solo
Simpatico Theatre
Four solo artists—Jeremy Gable, J. Hernandez, Thomas Choinacky, Armando Batista—contemplate masculinity in America. Together, these pieces—Idaho Shuffle, The Best of MeThomas is Titanic, and LUVR (respectively)—explore the repercussions and revelations of our hyper-gendered society through true stories of tap dancing, the Titanic, Bjork, and broken hearts. See Simpatico’s website for full schedule by title.
September 24 at 5pm + 7pm
September 25 at 9:30pm
September 26 at 7pm + 9pm
September 27 at 6:30pm, 8pm + 9:30pm
September 28 at 5pm, 7pm, 8:30pm + 10pm
September 29 at noon, 2pm, 4pm, 7:30pm + 9pm
September 30 at 4pm, 7:30pm + 9pm
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Shows with closing performances tonight, Monday September 24: 100 Fires, Till We Have Faces, Nightmare Fuel, Unhinged, Now More Than Ever, The Fren Banklin Experience,