Go Deeper NIGHTMARE FUEL Impresses Edinburgh Fringe Audiences Before Its Philly Fringe Premiere

NIGHTMARE FUEL Impresses Edinburgh Fringe Audiences Before Its Philly Fringe Premiere

Posted August 27th, 2018

“dark and demented…. what the Fringe is all about.”
—The Wee Review
“enough energetic idosyncrasy to become a cult hit.” ★★★★
—The London Student

Several entries into Philadelphia’s 2018 Fringe Festival got a full tryout at the mother of Fringes in Edinburgh, Scotland, which concludes today. Chris Davis treated Scottish audiences to his 2012 play Drunk Lion before his world premiere of The Presented this September. Lee Minora received plaudits for White Feminist, part of this year’s Festival in Philadelphia. The pair shared an apartment in Edinburgh with Sarah Knittel, whose NIGHTMARE FUEL is taking #EdFringe Twitter by storm.

“I didn’t expect people to be so on board with the show,” says Knittel. “I thought I would be heckled or hated for being American or saying ‘pussy’ 100x in the show. At first, the audience would respond with super UK-polite smiles and muffled laughs, but, by the end, people are shocking themselves with how much they are willing to play along.”

“My biggest fans are young men ages 16-22. I guess for better or worse, I’ve found my people,” she adds. “They like fart noises as much as I do.”

Sarah detailed her typical day in Edinburgh:

  • Meditate and stretch.
  • Grab some coffee from Cheap Shots, a converted police booth turned coffee shop, with flatmates Lee Minora and Chris Davis. The three of us make breakfast together, and do a few hours of “admin” work.
  • See a morning show or explore a new neighborhood
  • Lunch/stress how there are no vegetables
  • Disco nap. more meditating.
  • Very embarrassed about this because it’s not cool… I do a quick vocal warm-up. It’s vocally demanding to spend 2+ hrs flyering followed immediately by your performance.
  • Flyer from 4-6:15 pm. I must have said “free show in an hour” and “hilarious naughty slumber party about demons and stupid ex boyfriends” 10,000 times.
  • 15 minutes to set up!!!! Holy shit. I still haven’t totally gotten over the floating anxiety I have around the short set up time. Double check lights, sound, set props, get in costume and makeup, run front of house.
  • DO THE SHOW! This is the best part of the day. Someone said, “flyering is the job, and the show is the vacation.” I love my show and get a high from sharing it with whoever shows up.
  • Head back to the flat. Chris Davis usually makes dinner. HIS CHICKEN IS THE BEST! He is the most generous human.
  • Have a drink
  • See more shows
  • Have more drinks
  • Fall asleep with all the lights on

“I want to bring all that I’ve learned in Edinburgh back to Philly,” Knittel tells FringeArts. “I’ve grown leaps and bounds as a performer here in Edinburgh. It’s grounded me, wiped clean my ego, and prepped me for ANYTHING to happen before, during, or after my show. Philly, I will destroy you with laughter. I will blow your minds with catharsis. You’re going to need lots of lube because I’m going to jackrabbit you into 2038.”

Are we ready?

When: September 8-24
Where: Panorama Philly, 5213 Grays Avenue (West Philly)
Cost: $15
Created by Sarah Knittel