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The Art Goes On

Posted March 20th, 2020

Humans have always turned to art in the most uncertain times to provide everything from distraction to comfort and clarity. The world has hit pause to address concerns around COVID-19 and the FringeArts stage may be dark for the moment, but the art continues on! 

Virtually, at least. 

Why not use this time to discover the art-makers creating and sharing their work online? And we know exactly where you can start…

If you’re finally getting around to that project you’ve been putting off for months and need inspiration: Grab a glass of wine and check out our podcast, Happy Hour on the Fringe

On Happy Hour on the Fringe, you’ll get to know the creators and community members using art as a means of connection in Philly and beyond. Listen in as local and international practitioners, such as director Blanka Zizka (The Wilma Theater), Circus professionals Shana Kennedy and Ben Grinberg (Circadium), and drag queen extraordinaire John Jarboe (The Bearded Ladies Cabaret), dig into their practice, journeys, motivations, and inspirations. 

If you need a break to decompress and get away from it all: Rediscover your favorites from our Digital Fringe!

As a part of the annual Fringe Festival, FringeArts presents Digital Fringe, an online showcase for creators of any digitally-based media—be it a video game, podcast, interactive website, video piece, etc.—to share their work with you. 

Past Digital Fringe

          A1 by Mira Treatman

          Links in the Land by Ellen Chenoweth

          Socially Conscious Friends by Irina Varina

          Interfaith Voices by Interfaith Voices Staff

          KTG Talks by Chris O’Rourke

          Pond by Ellen Duong

          Encore! by Jess Conda

          This is Boring by jenny&john

          Weight of Water by TangenT Art Collaborative/williamCromar

          Rising Above the Beauty of Life by Dolores Miller

          Here to Fringespire You by Art Isn’t Easy

          My Year Without a Man by Katherine Nigh aka Titsy Rose

          The Artificial Dreamers by Jake O’Brien

          How to Dance by Sean Thomas Boyt

          Non Science Fiction Double Non Feature by Love Drunk Life, LLC

          Random Access Memories by Benjamin Andrew

          Broken Bread (2018) by Woody Fentress & Daniel Ostrov

          Choices Podcast by Shawn Pierre

          Miscellaneous Space Odyssey by Jenny Kessler

          Cycles by William Stallwood

          Art Dates by Miryam Coppersmith

digital fringe          Grasslands With Out Time by Grasslands With Out Time

digital fringe          Mad Deep Dish by Die-Cast

          memerememberme by williamCromar

thimble staged, part of digital fringe 2019          Thimble: Staged by Thimble Literary Magazine

upstage digital fringe          The Upstage by Ann Marley

There’s is something for everyone! If you (re)discover an artist or piece that you love, we want to hear about it! Stay connected with FringeArts and #DigitalFringe on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. 

Most of all, take care of yourself. Stay hydrated, wash your hands often, and limit social interaction. We cannot wait to see you in person again!