Fringe Festival Artist
Registration & Deadlines

The Philadelphia Fringe Festival operates under a Bring Your Own Venue model. This means that artists who register and self-produce their performances in the festival are responsible for finding and securing their own venues and submitting show information to FringeArts on time. 


FringeArts requires that participating artists create an account and submit information through our registration platform, Eventotron is a platform utilized by arts & culture festivals around the world. Artists can use this platform to submit their Philadelphia Fringe Festival information, and submit their works to other international festivals on the same platform!

To register, simply create an account on, find the Philadelphia Fringe Festival under the “Festivals” tab, and click “Apply.”

Please contact the Independent Artist Program Manager, April Rose for information about participating in the Philadelphia Fringe Festival.


2022 Fringe Festival Artist Deadlines

The 2022 Fringe Festival will run September 8 – October 2, 2022.

Registration for the 2022 Fringe Festival will open April 1, 2022

April 1 – June 1 – Artist Registration Open on

  • Create Artist/Company Profile
  • Basic Lead Artist/Company Info

June 15 – Step 1: Print Deadline & Ticket Information

We will use the information you provide to create a profile for the lead artist/company in the FringeArts app and create your Fringe Festival guide listing.

  • Basic Show Info and Print listing due
  • Show Dates and Times
  • Venue
  • Ticket Prices and Capacity
  • Accessibility

July 15 – Step 2: Build Your Web Page

We will use this information to build your shows website

  • Full Show Description, Cast & Crew Credits
  • Content Considerations, Audience Expectations
  • Press Release (Optional)

July 29 – Step 3: Social Media Content & Paperwork Due

  • Promotional photos/copy for FringeArts to promote your show on social media
  • Links to any available promotional materials
  • W-9 (for ticketed performances to receive ticket income) & Direct Deposit Information
  • Proof of Event Insurance
  • REV-1832

August 8 –  Web Pages go live and tickets go on sale!

Sept 8 – Oct 2 – Fringe Festival 2022

October 9 – Step 4: Reconciliation, Box Office Reports & Survey Due

Email with questions about participating in the Philadelphia Fringe Festival

Fringe Festival Artist Benefits

Listing in the Fringe Festival Guide, Web Page, and FringeArts App

  • Festival Guide
    • The #1 tool used by audiences to plan their Festival experience
    • Mailed the first week of August
    • Distributed to Philadelphia-area hot-spots
  • Online at
    • September 2019 had 719,935 page views
  • FringeArts App
    • August-September 2019 had 1,876 active app users

Customized Sandwich Board

(Digital Fringe registrations do not receive printed signage.)

  • Includes show information to display outside venue

Social Media & Online Promotion

  • FringeArts makes a commitment during the festival to re-tweet and share instagram stories from self- producing artists to help promote their Fringe Festival presentations
  • Artists are encouraged to pre-write their social media posts and submit to FringeArts via the registration platform on to be posted throughout August and September on the FringeArts Instagram feed
  • FringeArts offers Google Ads credit to all Independent Artists in the festival and will place Google Ads for their festival presentations upon request

PR Support

  • Personalized coaching, content updates, and press comp coordination with Communications Director and Fringe Festival Coordinator-coaching on self-producing, finding collaborators, marketing, PR, and more!

Year Round Benefits

In addition to all of the Fringe Festival participation benefits, artists are invited to tap into FringeArts benefits year round.

  • Workshops & Events
    • Workshops and resources specifically coordinated to help artists through the festival process & beyond. Workshops are designed to help artists with their Fringe Festival presentations as well as offer general support to help artists in their ongoing practice.
      • Marketing Workshops
      • Budgeting Workshops
      • Legal Workshops
      • Fundraising, Sponsorship, & Grant Workshops
  • Artist Support
    • The Independent Artist Programs Manager, April Rose, is available year-round for project management consultations, connections with our partnership network, venue advice, and much more.
    • Artists can reach out to any time of year!
  • One FringeArts Artist Membership
    • Good for one year
    • Discount tickets to year-round FringeArts events
  • Beyond Fringe Festival Marketing
    • Artists are invited to send FringeArts new about their productions, successes, and events beyond the Fringe Festival! Our marketing team is committed to highlighting the work of artists in the Fringe Festival network via the FringeArts platforms
      • Mailing List
      • Social Media
      • Website
      • Podcast
      • Blog

Box Office Support

Online Ticket Sales

  • FringeArts manages online ticket sales for all registered performances 
  • Tickets available on

Fringe Festival Box Office

During the Festival, FringeArts brings on extra staff to provide full box office support for Festival artists seven days a week. The Fringe Festival Box Office is locate at the FringeArts Building at 140 N. Columbus Blvd.

  • Phone answering service
  • Walk-up ticket sales

Sales Reports

While managing artists sales on their behalf, FringeArts provides consistent sales reports to registered artists

  • Pre-Festival Sales Reports
  • Daily Sales Report
  • Door list for check in

Fringe Festival Artist Rush

Each registered Fringe Festival presentation receives Artist Rush cards for the entire production team. These passes enable holders to attend Fringe Festival performances for only $5 if tickets are available 5 minutes before showtime. 

How Artist Rush Works

  • Artists retrieve cards from FringeArts Box Office
  • Artist must SIGN their rush card as it is only for the cardholder to use
  • When attending a performance artists can show their ID and Rush Card to purchase a $5 ticket
  • Usable at all Fringe Festival shows
  • Unlimited uses during Fringe Festival
  • Cannot be used to purchase tickets in advance


Fringe Festival Artist Awards

The Philly Fringies are the Philadelphia Fringe Festival’s audience choice awards for Independent Artists. The Fringies are a fun way to encourage audiences to attend more independently produced festival performances and engage more deeply with the festival and it’s artists. 

Which shows are eligible to participate?

Only Independent Artists who register their shows in the Fringe Festival are eligible to participate in the awards. No FringeArts curated shows are eligible for Philly Fringies. 

Participation is absolutely optional for artists and they may opt out of participation at any time. 

Who votes and how? 

Audiences who purchase tickets or RSVP to an event and attend will be given a link to the show’s unique ballot. Links are sent to ticket buyers in Know Before You Go’s which they receive before the show prompting them to vote after the performance. QR codes that link directly to the ballot may also be displayed on site at in person performances. 

What are the award Categories? 

There are 9 categories that performances compete in. The category a show is competing in is based on where they are placed in the festival guide or what we call the “main category”.

The 2021 Fringies Categories are: 

  • Philly Fringies Circus
  • Philly Fringies Comedy & Improv
  • Philly Fringies Dance
  • Philly Fringies Film
  • Philly Fringies Interactive/Immersive Experience
  • Philly Fringies Music
  • Philly Fringies Theatre 
  • Philly Fringies Visual Art/Installations 
  • Philly Fringies Interdisciplinary


How are the winners calculated and picked?

In order to have a fair playing field, winners in each category are based on AVERAGE audience score, not on total number of votes. This is because each show in the festival has vastly different audience capacities and amounts of performances, meaning that the number of potential voters is wildly different for each ballot.

Registration & Participation Prices

Registration Prices

Registration Fee for Philadelphia Fringe Festival Artists: $20

Beginning in 2020, Fringe Festival Registration Fees (previously $300 per show) have been removed and replaced with a small $20 processing fee. This decision was made in an effort to lower the bar for participation and create a more accessible festival for artists. This is also intended to free up money in artists’ Fringe Festival budget that can be re-allocated to production costs.

FringeArts understands the economic reality of being an independent artist in our community. We are committed to investing in the Fringe Festival platform as an opportunity for Independent Artists to showcase their work without having to pay a high participation cost.


Though the registration fee has been lowered to $20, there are still a number of costs artists should consider when planning their Fringe Festival presentations.

Artists should consider the full cost of self-producing before registering for the Philadelphia Fringe Festival. Please see the Budgeting & Fundraising page for detailed information about crafting your Fringe Festival Budget. 

A few basic costs to consider: 

  • Artist Fees
  • Venue Rental Costs
  • Insurance Policy
  • Technical Staff
  • Equipment Rentals
  • Front of House Staff
  • Costumes, Prop, and other Design Elements
  • Marketing Costs (beyond the free FringeArts marketing)

Philadelphia Fringe Festival Artist Code of Conduct

FringeArts and the Philadelphia Fringe Festival serve individuals of all ages, backgrounds, beliefs, ethnicities, genders, gender identities, gender expressions, national origins, religious affiliations, sexual orientations, ability, and other visible and non-visible differences. All participating artists are expected to contribute to a respectful, welcoming and inclusive environment for their fellow artists and patrons. Discriminatory behavior or language or harassment is not allowed and will be considered grounds for removal from festival. 



As participants in the Philadelphia Fringe Festival, artists have a responsibility to their audience to present the work that they have advertised through the Fringe Festival platforms. Fringe audiences trust the festival and artists not to mislead ticket buyers about the experience they will have.

The actual performance should resemble the performance described in content, length, age appropriateness, format, etc. Details such as date, time, and venue must be exactly as advertised to audiences. 

This is both to ensure the quality of audience experience and safety of the parties involved.



FringeArts asks that all registered presentations in the festival are complete and ready for audiences by the advertised dates. Artists advertising a performance should not present an incomplete work in progress of that performance without notifying FringeArts and advertising the performance as a work in progress. 

The festival understands that performances may be improvised, premieres, in development, etc. However, audiences should be made aware of the content that they are paying to see. FringeArts does not curate or jury the content artists submit in the festival, but encourages artists to be transparent about the state of the performance as to not mislead audiences.