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The 2022 Philadelphia Fringe Festival Runs September 8 – October 1, 2022

Registration for the 2022 Fringe Festival will open April 1, 2022 on

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Below, you will find information about registering for the Philadelphia Fringe Festival, upcoming workshops and events, and more artist resources!

For questions about the Fringe Festival and artist support, you can contact Independent Artist Programs Manager April Rose at

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 2022 Fringe Festival Artist Deadlines

 The 2022 Fringe Festival will run September 8 – October 1, 2022.

Registration for the 2022 Fringe Festival will open April 1, 2022

April 1 – June 1 – Artist Registration Open on

  • Create Artist/Company Profile 
  • Basic Lead Artist/Company Info

June 15 – Step 1: Print Deadline & Ticket Information

We will use the information you provide to create a profile for the lead artist/company in the FringeArts app and create your Fringe Festival guide listing. 

  • Basic Show Info and Print listing due
  • Show Dates and Times
  • Venue
  • Ticket Prices and Capacity
  • Accessibility

July 15 – Step 2: Build Your Web Page

We will use this information to build your shows website 

  • Full Show Description, Cast & Crew Credits
  • Content Considerations, Audience Expectations
  • Press Release (Optional)

July 29 – Step 3: Social Media Content & Paperwork Due

  • Promotional photos/copy for FringeArts to promote your show on social media
  • Links to any available promotional materials 
  • W-9 (for ticketed performances to receive ticket income) & Direct Deposit Information
  • Proof of Event Insurance
  • REV-1832

August 8 –  Web Pages go live and tickets go on sale!

Sept 8 – Oct 1 – Fringe Festival 2022

October 9 – Step 4: Reconciliation, Box Office Reports & Survey Due

Email with questions about participating in the Philadelphia Fringe Festival

2022 Registration Options

Independent artists are among some of those most impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, and FringeArts is doing what we can to support artists in this difficult time. Artists should keep in mind that COVID-19 restrictions at Festival time may ultimately impact the way performances can be staged.

We have again made the decision to waive registration fees for the 2022 Fringe Festival, save for a $20 processing fee that goes directly through our registration platform, Eventotron.

Artists can register either In Person or Digital presentations.

Digital presentations my be On Demand or LiveStreamed. On Demand content must be complete by June 15, 2022 or it will not be included in the festival.

To discuss your 2022 Fringe Festival plans, reach out to the Independent Artist Programs Manager, April Rose at

Events & Updates

Throughout the year, we’ll be updating this page with upcoming artist events and opportunities.


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