Hand to Hand 2024: Begin Again

June 1, 2024

May 31 at 7:30pm
June 1 at 3pm + 7:30pm


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When does the circus begin? When the acrobat takes the stage? When the lights dim? At the first rehearsal? The birth of the artist? Get ready to be enchanted by a group of multidisciplinary circus performers as they search for the elusive beginning. Join them on a journey backward through time that stops only to begin again.

The students of Circadium present an original work where gravity will be tested, kinespheres will be juggled, and perceptions will be upended. In this contemporary circus show, artists flip and fly as they explore the uncertainties and wonders of time. Share the thrill of confronting risk, being vulnerable, and discovering what happens next.

Begin Again is a contemporary circus show created by the Circadium students under the direction of Ty Vennewitz. Taking inspiration from the book Einstein’s Dreams, they have reimagined time through the lens of circus. What if time went backwards, cause was not related to effect, or there was no time, only images. Come see a movement palindrome, a human clock, acrobatics of relativity and a dash of comedic timing.

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