Miniball: rattling

su güzey and jack sterling

March 29, 2024

50 minutes

GA $25; PWYC from $10

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Performance at 7pm

rattling is an immersive multidisciplinary performance that desires to present the continuous hope and creation of trying to find a home, create home, homing as an act of political resistance). Within the motions of exilic identities living in the US, rattling hopes of bridging the gap between the self and the other, the native, the exile, the transplant. Offering change and motion as a constant dynamic to visualize the unfamiliarity, instability, disruption that is experienced when in exile, and the act of searching, being on the move is associated with the exilic identity within a space claimed, built, celebrated, deconstructed, lost. Our narratives can offer different journeys from different points of initiation, but when do we feel we are in exile? What keeps us moving towards a home when every construction of a space shapeshifts?  

When every moment can transform into a disruptive event, when the ground is rattling, when will you decide to move on? How can this awareness of constant motion offer a field of agency for the one on the move who is displaced, exiled, reoriented, and give them back the option of decision in the most uncertain times?

When the ground is rattling, how can you not move?

How can the self in exile offer a negotiation around connection, conversation, when everything can break apart, be rebuilt, destroyed, ruined? 

What does immerse when we collectively stay in motion, or when we acknowledge that everything is in motion; can this metaphysical view offer a political strategy for sovereignty? 


Content advisory: Haze, strobe light, nudity.

su guzey and jack sterling are an artist duo based in Philadelphia.


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