Miniball: Scratch Night

Featuring Glenn Potter Takata, Jim Julien, Patrick Burke & Sarah Owens, and Sebastian Cummings

March 28, 2024

60 minutes


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Performance at 7pm

Scratch Night features daring and original new performance works that resist easy definition. Running off and on over nearly twenty years in Philadelphia, Scratch Night brings original and oddball performance experimenters onto a single bill. Some are developing new work for launch at Cannonball Festival while others just want to let the mind roam. Featuring: Glenn Potter TakataJim Julien, Patrick Burke & Sarah Owens, and Sebastian Cummings.

#Scratch Night

Content advisory: Some mature content. 

Glenn Potter Takata – “All this and almost empty”
A contemporary butoh solo performance that integrates the Buddhist concept of emptiness within a commodity culture that packages racial difference. This is part of Potter-Takata’s ongoing research practice loosely based on his childhood experiences, when he would squeeze in as much Nintendo time as possible before having to go to Buddhist Sunday School every weekend.

Jim Julien – “The Swallow Artist”
A shadow puppet performance of an entertainer who devours objects to delight, amaze and horrify audiences. What will he swallow next? Will it be his last meal?

Patrick Burke and Sarah Owens – “Buddy Buddie”
Codependency is such a social stigma nowadays. What if we cherished everything about it fully, and loved it as we love a partner? Surely nothing could go wrong, right? So long as you’re with me, it can’t be too bad, buckaroo. Buddy Buddie is a ball of laughs held together in warm embrace. A comedic variety show of silly acts that show off the depth of a relationship in a way that will make you want to call your childhood best friend and cackle at an old inside joke.

Sebastian Cummings –  “Art Hoe: A New Era”
Preview: Art Hoe is a tour de force of live performance, where an auteurist approach to music video style storytelling meets the bravado of a skilled, experienced performer with a tendency to entertain. Heaven explores the relationship between the conscious mind and the pure, unbiased power of the subconscious mind to bring about a New Era of Heaven on Earth. Upcoming Miniball full-length performance is on Sunday 3/31 at 4pm.


Miniball is happening March 28 – 31 at FringeArts!

Over Easter weekend, Miniball boasts a brave lineup of encore and seat shaking new performances with over a dozen offerings under one roof. Witness groundbreaking original shows in a cutting edge theater. Enjoy marvelous moments from classes and immersive art to late nights and drag brunch! Dwell in a spirit of community with the return of Philly classics like Scratch Night and the After-Hours Cabaret. Plus, we’ve got surprises! An Easter Egg hunt runs all weekend with prizes inside. Just like Cannonball, we’ll keep the conversation going around the fire pit while you dance your heart out. And don’t miss the special offerings slated for Sunday the 31st.

Tickets begin at $25 (sliding scale) including PWYC. Act soon because seats go fast!

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