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Throwing It Out

Posted August 29th, 2012

Joanna Sycz in The Hoarder’s Child.

Early this summer I set about making space in my childhood bedroom for more adult (read: terrifying) things: student loan bills, GRE study books, and the considerable anxiety of job applications. First, I set out to tackle the at-random piles of books that marked the floor space, the desk top, and my reading chair. Soon though, I was overwhelmed. Convincing myself that a pile on the floor, in the corner, was a fine enough place to house several Murakami novels and an astronomy textbook, I moved on.

Trash was easier to remove. I tossed out a few receipts crumpled on my dresser, and jewelry that dated back to middle school. I left though the notebook from eleventh grade physics on my desk chair; I had just gotten my blog internship with Philly Fringe, and what if two Fringe artists were barreling towards each other, one moving at 10 mph, the other at 15 kph, whose show would be the sleeper hit?

Then of course, for weeks I hoarded the Q & A from Heather L. Jones, playwright of 2012 Philly Fringe’s The Hoarder’s Child, refusing to set it free (in this case, publish it on the blog); e-mail, I’ve concluded, is the greatest enabler of hoarding, because notes and photos and videos of Corgis playing in water parks all fit into one compact computer-ma-bob and its neat and small and doesn’t look messy and like the repository of all my neuroses. But it is. And I’m sorry Heather.

After the jump: we try to redeem ourselves, and Heather talks about theater in Tampa-St. Pete.

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