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2018 Festival Spotlight: FREE Fringe (part one)

Posted August 29th, 2018

Art should never be out of reach. In addition to our full slate of free digital offerings, this year’s Festival features nearly twenty shows—curated and independently produced—that are free or pay what you want, leaving the door to contemporary performance art open to all.

This is just a segment of the array of FREE Fringe offerings. See the rest of the list tomorrow.

Airport Opened
Brian Shapiro Presents
Airports are endlessly fascinating places—intersections of almost every imaginable personality with logistical challenges galore. Based upon interviews conducted with airport personnel globally, Airport Opened offers an opportunity to bear witness to an airport’s human side through the perspectives of people who actually work there.
More info and tickets here

An Unofficial, Unauthorized Tour of LOVE Park
Rose Luardo / Kate Banford
An interactive, questions-encouraged tour of LOVE Park with a completely legitimate, highly respected, and 100% real tour company. At each stop on this mind-bending guided walk through the park, facts will be manipulated and reality will melt. Maybe a bush will talk to you? And maybe that bush invented love. Presented by Fairmount Park Conservancy and Philadelphia Parks & Recreation with support from ArtPlace America.
More info and tickets here

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Taking to the Streets: Mike Durkin on (Kensington) Streetplay

Posted July 26th, 2018

The Renegade Company’s Fringe offerings have been among the most popular and much-discussed of recent Festivals. Drawing on sources from classical literature and film, artistic director Mike Durkin has transported audiences into non-traditional spaces with unexpected takes on well-known texts (Bathtub Moby Dick, 2013; The Hunchback of Notre Dame…A Mute Play, 2014; Damned Dirty Apes, 2015; Animal Farm to Table, 2016).

For the 2018 Fringe Festival, the company sets out on an enticing new path with (Kensington) Streetplay, an ambulatory exploration of Philadelphia’s iconic neighborhood and the stories of its residents. Mike talked to FringeArts about his interest in the area and the new process he used to develop this intriguing Fringe piece.

FringeArts: What interests you about Kensington and the Riverwards? What was your introduction to the area?

Mike Durkin: My father was a construction worker as well as an alcoholic and I grew up in a household fueled by alcohol. I was drawn to the Port Richmond neighborhood; going to the bars in the area reminded me of my father. Through conversations with some of the residents I became invested in hearing their stories and experiences and kept getting directed to Kensington.

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