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FringeArts Flash Debates Part 2

Posted April 3rd, 2017

We’re back with another round of Flash Debates, in honor of The Society of Civil Discourse coming up on April 8th. This round, Alexa and Jaclyn will be arguing Golden Retrievers vs. Corgis.

Golden Retrievers vs. Corgis

Golden Retrievers: Alexa, Marketing Intern

Have you ever met a golden retriever that you didn’t love? If your answer is yes, I don’t believe you.

Golden retrievers were put on this earth to make the world a better place. They are the dog of all dogs: energetic, playful, loving, smart, reliable, FREAKING ADORABLE. For such a cute breed, golden retrievers are very anti-bougie. They have this rustic vibe to them that makes them all the more lovable.
OH can we also talk about golden retriever PUPPIES?!? I truly believe all puppies are cute but golden retriever pups are like next level precious. I have cried in the presence of a golden retriever puppy more times than I am proud of.
I get it, corgis are super trendy right now. They have funny butts and people love looking at butts. Corgis may have big butts but golden retrievers have big hearts and at the end of the day which is more important?

CorgisJaclyn, Development Intern

Who doesn’t want a stumpy little loaf walking around their home?

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Homegrown Art Is in Bloom: Spring at FringeArts, Pt.1

Posted March 24th, 2016

Ah, spring has sprung once again! Or is about to. Or already did. Oh, you didn’t get the memo? It’s winter again! Wait, never mind, it is spring. But maybe don’t get too comfortable in those jorts. Even though we can’t seem to rely on nature to be on schedule these days, you can rest assured that FringeArts will be. We’ve got an incredible spring season packed with some of Philadelphia’s most lauded, boundary-pushing artists, as well as notable guests from out of town. Here’s what’s going down at our waterfront headquarters from April to June.

Coming April 9 is a show for all the talkers, drunk debaters, sidewalk weather reporters, water cooler pundits, backseat philosophers, pseudo intellectuals, haters, hype-men, chatter boxes, gossips, and even the silent types. The Society of Civil Discourse, a co-production between Team Sunshine Performance Corp and The Philly Pigeon/Jacob Winterstein, is looking for new members and thinks you’d be a perfect candidate, whoever you are (info/tickets).

SCD-183The evening plays out in three phases. During phase one the proceedings and rules of participation are laid out and all attendees are inducted into the Society. Phase two asks Society members to voice their opinions at three designated stations: a “hater” station, an “appreciation” station, and a “mini-debate” station. Once everyone’s oratorical muscles are warmed up we enter phase three. Participants become audience for The Great Debate, where two teams—made up of professionals and a few recruited audience members—debate on an audience-selected topic. If you’re someone who enjoys passionately debating pointless topics you don’t understand or care about, you’re going to want to grab a ticket quick for this “celebration of truth-stretchers, fabricators and pseudo-intellectuals in all their misinformed glory,” as a writer for City Paper so aptly summed it up.

luisgaray.hotglue.meNext up is Maneries, our first international offering of the season from Colombian-born Argentina-based choreographer Luis Garay. A solo created specifically for and in collaboration with dancer Florencia Vecino, the show positions the body as a cipher of linguistic material. Working with iconic symbols, Vecino takes on the difficult task of embodying a universal catalogue of gestures, pictures, poses, and sculptures, utilizing her body to represent all bodies, a vessel for all manner of possible meanings, perceptions, and experiences. Garay equates her performance, the manner in which she mixes these images live, to that of a DJ, asserting, “The structure of the piece is very rigid, but at the same time it allows [the performance] to be changed every time. Maneries is also about imagination and the bodily production of imagination.”

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