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Visionary Fringe

Posted September 5th, 2019

Ongoing, opens September 5, 2019

Visionary art is art that pushes the boundaries of perception—a lens to see reality from a different perspective or a portal to another place entirely. With our LED floor and color-changing lights, we curate an immersive fine art experience showcasing visionary and surreal works unlike anything in Philadelphia.

Free / Gallery Hours

Wednesdays + Thursdays, 2–8pm
Fridays, 2–9pm
Saturdays, 3–9pm
Sundays, 1–6pm

The Philadelphia Visionary Arts Gallery (PVAG) was founded in 2017 by visionary artist Eli Klein. He established the gallery to create an environment where visionary art can come alive and completely immerse the viewer. Our gallery has a permanent color-change LED floor installation, as well as color-change lighting that enhances and intensifies the art viewing experience.

One of the goals of PVAG is to elevate emerging artists in the visionary and surrealism genres and give them an innovative platform to showcase their creativity and passion. Our gallery believes that visionary art serves to express and illuminate the human experience in both a realistic and metaphysical sense. It is a lens to see reality from a different perspective or a portal to another place entirely. We strive to connect with and open that portal for as many people as possible.

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2019 Fringe Festival Spotlight: FREE Fringe

Posted August 22nd, 2019

FringeArts is committed to making contemporary art available to all. In addition to our Digital Fringe offerings, this year’s Fringe Festival features over a dozen free shows from a variety of disciplines. Enjoy theater, visual art, dance, and more without spending a dime!

A Manayunk Mystery Tour
Manayunk Theatre Company
It was a dark and stormy night when a young woman from Manayunk mysteriously went missing … AND WAS MURDERED!!! Follow Manayunk’s finest private investigator, a child genius turned conspiracy enthusiast, and a VERY serious podcast reporter as they try to solve the MURDER of Manayunk’s Missing Millennial.
More info and tickets here

BalletX Pop-Up
This series of free performances by Philly’s premier contemporary ballet company comes to FringeArts for a one-off al fresco presentation. With over seventy world premieres to date, you don’t want to miss this exhibition of the company’s signature repertory.
More info and tickets here

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