Go Deeper 2019 Fringe Festival Spotlight: FREE Fringe

2019 Fringe Festival Spotlight: FREE Fringe

Posted August 22nd, 2019

FringeArts is committed to making contemporary art available to all. In addition to our Digital Fringe offerings, this year’s Fringe Festival features over a dozen free shows from a variety of disciplines. Enjoy theater, visual art, dance, and more without spending a dime!

A Manayunk Mystery Tour
Manayunk Theatre Company
It was a dark and stormy night when a young woman from Manayunk mysteriously went missing … AND WAS MURDERED!!! Follow Manayunk’s finest private investigator, a child genius turned conspiracy enthusiast, and a VERY serious podcast reporter as they try to solve the MURDER of Manayunk’s Missing Millennial.
More info and tickets here

BalletX Pop-Up
This series of free performances by Philly’s premier contemporary ballet company comes to FringeArts for a one-off al fresco presentation. With over seventy world premieres to date, you don’t want to miss this exhibition of the company’s signature repertory.
More info and tickets here

The Clinic
Lone Brick Theatre Company       
Two strangers arrive at a local clinic for their appointments. Neither are there voluntarily. As the waiting room becomes more nightmarish and the clinic’s employees more twisted, the two find themselves at the mercy of a powerful system that considers it a civic duty to relinquish bodily autonomy when called upon.
More info and tickets here

Composition in Concert
Da Vinci Art Alliance
Inspired by Shimmering Synths: The Film Music of Tangerine Dream—dreamy, minimalist soundscapes and iconic film scores—this exhibition embodies the harmonious relationship between music and visual art forms, exploring the abstract interactions between both worlds. Image by Bill Timmins (juror).
More info and tickets here

Dear qupid
Dana Suleymanova
Viewers are invited to seek love advice from qupid at this interactive performance situated near the LOVE sculpture. Part awkward school play, part shoddy lemonade stand, this is a combination of advice columns, dating shows, themes around romance, and the divine in a strange whimsical experience.
More info and tickets here

Da Vinci Art Alliance
Dissonance is the result of conflict. We seek harmony, so we seek to reconcile differences. This process is part of personal growth and of opening ourselves to empathy. This solo exhibition explores visual metaphors for dissonance and harmony through geometric patterning in relation to flowing organic forms.
More info and tickets here

Da Vinci Art Alliance
Four artists come together to portray the fantastic relationships between mothers and sons. Two sculptors and two painters share not only their family relationship, but also their feelings for the human condition. An exhibition that is whimsical, serious, kinetic, polychromatic, and familial.
More info and tickets here

Give Your Heart
Eric Thayer
This open-ended participatory performance is designed to both involve and reflect the Philadelphia community. Using medical technology, audience members will have their heartbeats simultaneously recorded, looped, and played back into LOVE Park as an abstract soundscape, reminiscent of a communal drum circle.
More info and tickets here

Sasha Wolfe and Ellen Zahniser
A formal presentation on the Divine Ecstasy of St. Teresa of Avila. Forgive the lecturer for being out of sorts, it’s a weirdly stressful subject. Please consider in advance: What makes something sacred? Do you think hallucinations make you feel more lonely or less? Can divine figures be sexy?! There may be a pop quiz!
More info and tickets here

RISE: Relationship is Self Existing
Asimina Chremos & Leah Stein Dance Company
A collaboration between Leah Stein and Asimina Chremos that engages dancers and community members to perform at LOVE Park, RISE raises awareness of momentary spatial relationships, groupings, and constellations created by everyday folks in our city as they travel from place to place.
More info and tickets here

Shimmy your Fringe!
State Street Tribal
Dance performance with a short workshop featuring American Tribal Style® made famous by FatChanceBellyDance®. We will show you some fun tribal belly dance steps, then invite you up on the dance floor to get your Fringe moving! Come for the show and stay for the fun!
More info and tickets here

This Art Moves
DynamicDisplays / Projector Guy
Dynamic displays of moving digital imagery set to the beat of eastern philosophy and computing theory. Never still, always evolving, always dynamic, and always sensual with embedded art images. Chill out at Jerry’s Bar courtyard for drinks and award-winning food and sit back and enjoy the show.
More info and tickets here

Úumbal: Nomadic Choreography for InhabitantsÚumbal, Mariana Arteaga
Mariana Arteaga
The U.S. Premiere of Mexican choreographer Mariana Arteaga’s ambulatory dance performance. Philadelphia residents come together in a joyful procession through a South Philly neighborhood. Philadelphia is the choreographer. Its streets the setting. Its people the dancers.
More info and tickets here

Visionary Fringe
Philadelphia Visionary Arts Gallery
Visionary art is art that pushes the boundaries of perception—a lens to see reality from a different perspective or a portal to another place entirely. With our LED floor and color-changing lights, we curate an immersive fine art experience showcasing visionary and surreal works unlike anything in Philadelphia.
More info and tickets here


Yeah FREE Fringe! See pages 32–33 and 56–57 of the Fringe Festival guide for more free Fringe events at FringeArts and the Festival Bookstore on Cherry Street Pier.